philosophy and politics in an age of war and revolution

Just six weeks after USSR's dissolution, on February 7, 1992, Maastricht Treaty was signed, laying the foundations for the establishment of the euro and European Union.. The dissolution of Soviet Union December 1991 confirmed the warnings made by Leon Trotsky nearly sixty years Either the..

AFSCME, NEFW coalition is highlighting the results of new study by Dr. The study surveyed union members on their opinions of Janus, ing.. ..

monthly review

little known and telling example is the case of Japanese Mexican Labor Union, born in the beet fields of California in the early years of the century. ... It was never mentioned that the union AFL- CIO supported was the union of bosses and supervisors, not the union of..

fascism, russia, and ukraine

Eurasian Union, unlike European Union, the rule of law, or human rights.. ... Eurasianism is not only the source of Eurasian Union, it's also the creed of number of people in Putin administration, and the moving force of rather far-right Russian movement. ..

section 2: value divides within party coalitions

On this issue, Disaffecteds by far the lowest-income group in GOP coalition break with other Republican and Republican-oriented groups.. ... On this measure, the opinions of Post-Moderns are close to those of the four groups in GOP coalition, where majorities say that blacks. ..

'us-led coalition understates civilian deaths'

member of Syrian parliament says Washington understates the number of civilian deaths caused by US-led coalition airstrikes targeting terrorist groups Syria and Iraq.. ... By the coalition, We are used to deceitful proclamations made, United States and United Nations, Syrian member..

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