ukrainian prime minister attends neo-nazi rock concert

It's also indication and part of ongoing bitter infighting within Ukrainian oligarchy over questions of policy, in. ... Shortly after the protests, Zelensky travelled to the town of Zolote Ukraine where Azov Battalion veterans were stopping the withdrawal of Ukrainian soldiers from the..

wave of optimism sweeps through ukrainian economy

The baseline growth scenario it approved is aligned with that of World Bank, and Ukrainian Ministry of Economic Development and Trade put forth even more scenario, predicting growth acceleration from 4.8 percent next year to 6.5 percent in 2022. ... The latter was stimulated by migration,..

ukrainian-americans must speak out

Like Tevye, Fiddler on Roof's beloved dairyman who dreamed of being rich man, my Dorothy Kwass was Ukrainian Jew. ... comedian and actor, Zelensky went from playing Ukrainian president to being voted Ukraine's head of state last May Like his in Servant of People TV series, Zelensky was..

ukrainian voters upend their parliament

Interestingly, despite the ongoing military Donbas and the war's predictable radicalizing effect on some more nationalistic segments of Ukrainian society, none of the far-right parties that campaigned will make it into the parliament. ... The elections were also disappointment for..

do french taxpayers sponsor the ukrainian conflict?

By the chairmen of both houses of the In this case, we talking about secret visit to France by the chairman of Ukrainian, Andriy Parubiy. ... Despite the emerging close relations between French president and his Ukrainian, the latter was not invited to the celebration of the anniversary..

dems colluded with ukraine against trump

Ukrainian Embassy Washington, D.C., now acknowledges DNC Alexandra Chalupa asked Ukrainian government for dirt on Trump and for information about his Paul Manafort's dealings with Russia's neighboring country, at The Hill newspaper.. ... Ukrainian court ruled that the leak was..

landslide victory for jewish comedian in ukrainian

Zelenskiy's brush with Ukrainian politics has been to play the in television show called. ... The media calls him Ukrainian Donald Trump... KIEV — comedian with no political experience, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, was elected as new president of Ukraine following Sunday run-off presidential..

a short history of ukrainian pop music

Ukrainian-language pop music was not absent from Soviet stages and airwaves, festival organisers took advantage of the policy of glasnost to complain that Ukrainian artists had long been neglected by Moscow-based record labels and impresario agencies. ... The organisers thus called for..

the destruction of ukraine's nuclear arsenal

Flames from blast that demolishes SS-24 at military base in Ukrainian of Pervomaysk on September 29, 1998... 3 Ukrainian officer inspects SS-24 silo near the town of Pervomaysk Ukraine's Mykolaiiv region. ... In all, 46 SS-24 intercontinental missile silos were destroyed... 17..

a geopolitical catastrophe for ukraine: 1918

The socialist leaders of Ukrainian People's Republic explained the defeat Ukrainian nation crippled by several centuries of Russian influence. The latter declared the independence of Ukrainian People's Republic only on January 22nd, 1918 in Fourth Universal while the previous..

ukraine creates church independent from russia

Mykhaylo Markiv, Ukrainian Presidential Press Service, AFP Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sitting during the synod to establish Orthodox from Russia Kiev's Saint Sophia Cathedral on December 15, 2018... ... Ukrainian leader, did everything it could towards the creation of..

neocons want war with russia and china

Sunday, two Ukrainian artillery ships and tug, passed through what Russia now regards as its territorial waters off Crimea and Kerch Peninsula. Ukrainian vessels refused to obey Russian directives to halt.. Russian warships fired at Ukrainian vessels and rammed the tug. ..

un / ukraine russia

Russian claims about violation of Russian by Ukrainian naval ships is outright lie, invented just to shift all the responsibility on Ukrainian side, consciously manipulating the facts and ignoring the 10. ... Ukraine's Ambassador Volodymyr Yelchenko told Council that Russian claims..

orthodox church facing schism

The efforts of Kiev to create ' Ukrainian are purely political step through which President Poroshenko hopes to maintain his grip on power. ... Polityka sees Russian against Ukrainian Orthodox Church under way and suspects it's the result of Kremlin's domestic machinations.. ..

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