trump vetoes second bill

Trump justified the in statement on Tuesday, emphasizing that the act was unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future... ... Trump first vetoed March, decision..

president trump vindicated

While at Perkins Coie, Sussman represented Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's during Perkins Coie secretly paid for the development of the anti- Trump dossier DOJ used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign.. ... We obtained redacted copies of FISA warrants..

trump wrong about tax law

In his April to IRS commissioner requesting Trump's returns for the tax years 2013 through 2018, the authority granted to him through in IRS Code section 6103 .. ... Neal said the aim is to make sure IRS review of the president's tax returns is being done, appropriately impartially, Grassley..

cnn and washpo demand that trump

He then spends the rest of the segment asking if Trump will be brave and patriotic enough to further escalate tensions against superpower. ... Yes Fareed, there is real danger that if Trump administration you... ..

why donald trump needs obamacare

President Donald Trump wants to kill Obamacare, and it will be harder for him to fulfill his own health care promises without the health reform law... In, Trump officials are relying on the law for certain proposals, particularly to advance their ideas to reduce drug prices... ..

god, not the russians, elected trump

In United States we have seen President Donald Trump quite enjoy margin of victory that was due to his pledges to end America's in Middle Eastern wars and to mend relations with Russia. ... One must consider that the theory that there was possible divine intervention to bring about the result of..

nixon, trump and american myths

By the left and what he has called the deep state the free from any legal or democratic control, From the outset, it was evident that President Trump was the victim of coup attempt coordinated.. ... By the monster that hides behind every myth the elites use to justify their command, The lesson..

mueller finds no trump-russia conspiracy

It was given to Trump Helsinki, Dmitry Peskov said in conference call with reporters on Monday, referring to summit between Putin and Trump in Finnish July 2018.. ... While Mueller's team backed the assessment of U.S intelligence agencies that Russia worked to help Trump win..


The latter just isn’t going to happen under Trump nor under a Wall Street dominated economy even with Democrats running things. . Trump’s tariff doesn’t come out of nowhere. This is the result of an actual process. ..

trump, the mueller report, and democracy

At the time, each investigation has broader public-political effect, shining light on the questionable and disturbing activities of Trump in the period leading up to Trump's of Presidency and in the period since.. ... David Remnick's New Yorker piece is correct in the months to come..

god sent trump to invade iran

For America's top diplomat to say God has sent Trump to save Jews is absurdity for the indispensable nation.. ... Trump's neocons are moving the in the direction of once again bombing the daylights out of nation that poses no threat to United States. ..

why trump wins on national emergency

When it gets there, Trump Administration wins on principle  the law says so.The Act has provision for overturning Presidential emergency Congress can decide that the declaration is so improper that, it can override his or her veto. ... Trump — December 20, 2017 Blocking Property of..

trump says democrats ‘hate’ jews

WASHINGTON — White House press Sarah Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Donald Trump thinks Democrats hate. White House press Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Trump believes that Democrats hate Jews.. ..

former trump lawyer sues trump organization

President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer, filed lawsuit against Trump Organization on Thursday New York, saying the company breached agreement and owes him at least 1.9 U.S dollars unpaid legal fees and other costs related to his work.. ... New York City-based Trump..

michael cohen sues the trump organization

- President Donald Trump's former attorney, Michael Cohen, sued Trump Organization on Thursday, saying that the company failed to fulfill its contractual obligations to indemnify him or pay his legal bills relating to his work for the firm.. ... That evolution culminated in December by..

trump and the global disorder

That said, that Trump does not have the idea of the complexity of Middle East situation, or perhaps of the fact that in this domain, the decisions are not necessarily within the mandate of his presidency, except of Congress in particular. For time, United States has been asking EU members to do..

donald trump, peace president?

Trump's opponents in the establishment imagine that their resources for remaking the world are infinite — that America's morale and blood and treasure is inexhaustible. Trump knows otherwise, as do Americans who must pay for and fight the wars that the elite dreams up.. ..

how to rate a trump challenger

It would be difficult for challenger to defeat Trump and claim GOP — incumbent has not failed to win his nomination since the 1800s, and challenger has not ever defeated in the era. ... But given that the current environment is far more polarized and the parties are far more sorted, comparing..

lawsuit quotes trump at press conference

Lawsuit Quotes Trump at Press Conference. From the lawsuit filed by 16 states opposing President Trump's of emergency. At press conference announcing Executive Actions, President Trump acknowledged that Congress provided more and that Administration has so much money, we do not..

the rawlsian diagnosis of donald trump

Trump was, one might almost say, Bernie Sanders's twin. Trump's example reminds us that the demagogue's toolkit may include the appropriation of the language of fairness and reciprocity to express grandiose sense of grievance, and to provide fig-leaf for the cultivation of group..

the state of the trump economy

In his two years office, President Trump has done everything in his power to set American workers and families back and place the country on the road to low-wage, high-cost in. ... Despite the trends outlined above, Trump administration made it priority to enact tax cut weighted toward..

trump recognition of rival venezuelan government

Trump January 23 recognition of Venezuela's National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, opposition to the de facto and de jure president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, threatens avalanche of nations recognizing leaders of various political factions in countries around the world as legitimate governments. ... ..

how trump suborns perjury

s statements about Trump Tower meeting, there was no follow-up. ** Trump dictated that line July of 2017, and his camp has never deviated from it.* Trump Organization lawyers urged Rob Goldstone, to endorse the claim. ... *A version of this article stated that Donald Trump..

john kerry to trump: 'resign'

Kerry also accused Trump of lying about the consequences of pulling out of the accord. Trump claimed at the time that he was leaving to pursue fair treatment and so that foreign leaders would no longer laugh at us... ..

trump is mocking biden

Trump's on Biden's in U.S presidential race, reflects U.S. On the other hand, Trump attempts to turn the game into rivalry through using words against Biden, and this is very much like Trump's personality and approach. Biden now has his main focus on Democrats inner-party..

the ny times smears trump

The trio of authors, apparently self-tortured victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome, had the gall to print in the once and former Gray Lady of rectitude. In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as FBI, enforcement officials became according to former enforcement..

impeach trump now

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump stood on the steps of Capitol, raised his right hand, solemnly swore to execute the office of president of United States and, to the best of his ability, to preserve, protect, and defend Constitution of United States. ... The chair of the Ways and Means Committee..

trump, bolton and the syrian confusion

In Cairo, Pompeo denied that there was any contradiction whatsoever about Trump's position on withdrawal. . ... This article was posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2019 at 3 16pm and is filed under Donald Trump, Egypt, Iraq, ISIS, John Bolton, Jordan, Media, Militarism, Politics,..

donald trump: a successful us president

Today, if we look, Donald Trump might be American for the rest of the world, and he has proven to be one of the best for American public.. Initially, Trump adopted stance against North Korea, and later, he entered into agreement that has improved their bilateral relations. ..

trump, hitler, and the enabling act

President Trump is now threatening to declare emergency, he says, will give him the authority to build his wall on U.S. ... In the immigration crisis on which Trump is basing his threat of assuming dictatorial powers, the crisis is one that is inherent to system of immigration controls. ..

trump a russian agent or asset?

Former FBI Lisa Page, discredited for anti- Trump bias over exchanging text messages with Mueller's Peter Strzok, paramour, favoring Hillary over Trump, lied during testimony, saying.. ... So far, Mueller charged 37 people, mostly Russians, connection to his probe despite no evidence..

donald trump

China has backed second bilateral summit between President Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un and pledged to.. ... The Trump administration has downgraded the status of EU in snub reversing its Obama-era promotion to the.. ..

will trump rule by decree?

Many of Trump's executive orders, place Trump opposition to international and national consensus.. ... Goitien worries that Trump could also use Insurrection Act to deploy U.S troops on the streets of American cities. ..

trump and the world economy

S: I can see four main sorts of possible outcomes to be considered from Trump’s economic jousting. . ... They are trying to find ways to mollify Trump. All this suggests to me that it is possible that Trump will get his way. . ..

trump, nazis, and american jewry

The majority of Jewish Americans continued the tradition of voting Democratic and have emerged as leaders of the anti- Trump brigade. ... By his aggressive rhetoric may be true and that is more than matched by the hysteria from the, The allegations that Trump contributed to the..

fake orthodox jews against trump

That includes Hitoreri and Torah Trumps Hate rallies where the costume gives people the impression that they brought Orthodox Rabbi out to protest Trump and Republicans.. ... Torah Trumps Hate and Hitoreri, attacked the National Council of Young Israel for praising President Trump's of..

the trump-media war

In way, Jim Acosta's editorial bomb throwing in press conference with President Trump was Pearl Harbor moment Trump administration has now declared war on the media banishing the provocateur by pulling his White House credential.. ... Trump and the media is terrible, the truth is..

trump inspires uk nationalists

The scene had all the trappings of Donald Trump rally the collision, the bitter complaints about fake news, the fear that the country's white population is under threat from immigrants, the sprinkling of Trump-themed hats and garb.. ... Here, MAGA hats and near-universal approval for..

the trump-establishment war

And Trump is right to speak truth to mainstream power and to accord to the hostile press the same access to White House to. ... What Trump-establishment war is about is the soul of America, in which compromise on principle can be seen as betrayal.. ..

donald trump and the refugees

Trump’s mood in the slightest. . Trump: 'go back to your country!' . Trump tweeted a direct message to the migrants Thursday, urging them to return home. ... Trump renouncing all his worldly wealth and retiring to a monastery. . ..

can trump end birthright citizenship?

By taking questions from people hand, FORT MYERS, Fla — Democrat Andrew Gillum stormed through deep-red Southwest Florida on the eve of visit from President Trump and managed to avoid discussion of corruption allegations-picked by his staff at Tuesday night... ... Late last week, President..

donald trump and evangelical vote

Like Nixon, Trump uses vague references to moral decline and American patriotism to cast net, to appeal to swath of conservatives. ... For these voters, Trump is like them American who was compelled to become involved in the realm because of his commitment to return the nation to the..

trump is not inciting violence

Is the media for the pipe bombs mailed to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and other Democrats and Trump critics. ... Will the false-flag charge survive the arrest of the bombmaker, Cesar Sayoc, Republican Trump supporter. ..

48 hours fact checking trump

President Donald Trump has relied on falsehoods and exaggerations to make his closing argument to the voters. ... President, some of Trump's critics tweeted their view that his post made it sound like Puerto Rico was not part of the US. ..

trump stump speeches: immigration

Trump claims that Saipov's mother comes with him, his father then comes, except that's not true.  ... Trump portrays this caravan reminding his supporters that this midterm is going to be election of the caravan, as he put it Montana.. ..

the trump workers party

The title comes from Trump's to CPAC in 2017. The Republican Workers Party would be in its opposition to capitalism economically liberal when it comes to welfare policies for those truly in need.  ... By the government and dropped into the ranks of the impoverished, Meanwhile again,..

the nuclear trump card

The administration of Donald Trump has the potential to go further in the direction of disarmament than any in the 20 years.. ... pulling out of the agreement with Iran has exacerbated diplomatic tensions, and from Trump's point of view, he sees the abrogation as in the direction of his..

trump regime escalates sanctions war

On Tuesday, Trump regime intends trying to force Iran out of Syria and punish Russia for supporting its government, saying.. ... other NATO, or Israeli warplanes, Trump regime hardliners could use the incident to escalate in the country.. ..

pen america v. trump

In contrast, President Trump has called the press the enemy of the people, against the in deliberate attempt to silence criticism. In April 2017, PEN America published Trump Truth, evaluating Trump Administration's first 100 days office from expression with focus on President..

ethanol politics trump common sense

Trump declared that Environmental Protection Agency will draft regulations allowing the sale of motor fuel containing 15 percent ethanol, as opposed to the 10 percent in effect for several months year because of air-pollution concerns related to summertime atmospheric conditions. ..

trump follows, dprk-iran lead

Trump administration's more relaxed attitude towards North Korea is reflected secretary of state Mike Pompeo's proposed new visit to Pyongyang, and Trump's statement on 26 September that he has no timeframe in mind for Kim Jong-un to proceed with the disarmament. By contrast, his..

black americans swing to trump

In the face of Trump Derangement Syndrome h t Empire 5.5 on the open thread.. black support for President Donald Trump sits at 21 percent, is more than double his support in April poll conducted by Reuters... ..

trump and america

Contrary to the expectations of many, if not most, Donald Trump won the election. . ... One representative example, among the countless possibilities, of the ruthlessness of President Trump's enemies is the recent of Senate Judiciary Committee.  ..

trump v. hawaii

To inform Supreme Court's review of Trump v. The in the appeal include whether the ban is lawful exercise of President's authority to suspend entry of certain foreign nationals to United States, and also whether the ban violates Establishment Clause of Constitution.. ..

trump and american exceptionalism

Ian Buruma, writing the New York Times Magazine,  laments that those who voted for Trump and Brexit wish to pull down the pillars of internationalism and retreat into isolation.. ... But Trump has distinguished in one dramatic respect He may be the president to take office. ..

trump and american populism

Win or lose, Trump has tapped into vein of distress and resentment among millions of white working- and middle-class Americans.. Trump is the politician to bash elites and champion the interests of ordinary people. ..

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