president trump signs usmca

Trump today signed United States- Mexico- Canada Agreement, replacing North American Free Trade Agreement, with improved access to both markets for U.S farmers and ranchers... ... Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and its members hailed today's signing of bill to implement United States- Mexico-..

president trump. vs. the media

To chronicle the media's lies during Trump era is daunting enough But I can provide at least hint of their deceit and the great service President Trump has provided us all. ... And do not forget the, Trump-Russia-collusion lies, Mueller, the propaganda, and so on.. ..

trump is confused!

For Taylor and Morrison's testimony to prove dispositive, corroborating testimony or evidence will have to emerge that Trump linked the military aid to investigations of Biden and that this demand was communicated to Ukrainian side. ... Russian warning, Times adds, is the in list of signals that..

trump is right on syria

President Trump has done what few thought was Washington, D.C — he's gotten Democrats and Republicans to agree on something. ... My point is Democrats did not join with Republicans in loudly opposing Obama's Iraq like GOP has done standing lock-armed with Democrats blasting Trump's..

trump remarks inspire #civilwarsignup hashtag

The truth is that trump threatening war is so good for traffic that twitter will never suspend him. — Molly Jong-Fast September 30, 2019... In Civil War, Americans would be killing one another, while New York Times contributing oped Wajahat Ali commented, People we are joking about Civil War..

trump, fdr, and war

Trump figured that by squeezing the life out of Iranian citizenry with his embargo, he could induce Iran's rulers to return to the bargaining and enter into agreement, one that would be satisfactory to Trump. Given that Trump is preventing Iran from selling its oil, why would it..

president trump fires john bolton

CNN's Kaitlan Collins is reporting Trump and Bolton got into bitter argument last night about Trump's plan to meet with Taliban leaders at Camp David over the weekend, just days before the anniversary of Sept terrorist attacks. ... CNN's Jim Acosta reports a Bolton's firing was that..

the trump administration’s trade agenda

Marc Jarsulic, Andy Green, and Daniella Zessoules, Trump's Trade Deal and Road Not Taken How to Evaluate the Renegotiated NAFTA., available at https www americanprogress org issues economy reports 2019 02 01 465744 trumps-trade-deal-road-not-taken.. ... Trade Policy North America, China, and..

donald trump

Donald Trump is the president of United States. Before he entered Oval Office he was known as businessman and personality on The Apprentice. ..

trump in economic stalemate

But with President Donald Trump's long-term approach to trade policy, United States is in good position to make up for the misguided policies of the past. ... Buttigieg's comments come with critics of President's economic policies pointing to Trump's trade war with China as in the..

trump: a racist president

President Donald Trump, seize the moment to dispatch their old and tired expressions of condolences and offer prayers to console the bereaved families of the victims.. ... In Trump mind, America is becoming 'browner and something must be done to prevent that from happening, ing the finger..

trump and black misleadership class

By many in the country regardless of their legal status in the It's understandable that negative comment from Donald Trump regarding in the country under the leadership of Black people might spark initial defensive reaction U.S.. to try to advance opposition to Trump that frames life for..

china covertly subverting trump reelection

China is conducting disinformation and influence campaign designed to block the re-election of President Trump in 2020, according to Chinese billionaire. ... By deploying its intelligence and influence resources in United States, CCP is working to exploit the harsh political divisions between..

stop responding to trump?

I have question for progressive activists How do we stop President Trump from controlling the news cycle when we put aside our own agendas to respond to his tweets.. ... Instead the climate change crisis was eclipsed by Trump's racist attack on the city of Baltimore specifically..

trump administration reinstates death penalty

the attorney general, announced that the government will start killing people once again, ordering men to the chamber as Donald Trump probably cackled while wearing monocle, rubbing cat whispering. Department of Justice, led by President Trump's handpicked attorney, William Barr, ment on..

why trump matters to women

Carl Bernstein, of Watergate fame and not much else since, had meltdown few weeks ago, occurrence from Left since Trump has taken office. ... Case in point, former Vice President Joe Biden, earnest, just would challenge President Trump to push-up contest as way to measure his own..

is trump what we need?

US President Donald Trump shakes hands with North Korean Kim Jong Un Panmunjom, South Korea, June 30, 2019. ... Trump also moved the US to Jerusalem, recognized Israeli over Golan Heights, and defunded US taxpayer support for Palestinian leadership. ..

president trump is delivering

According to news stories, Trump campaign fired pollsters who leaked polling results that show President Trump performing against Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders in battleground states.. ... Compared with 29 percent of Hispanics and 8 percent of blacks who voted for Trump in 2016,..

trump against war on iran?

Trump's geopolitical record yielded to regime hawks Pompeo, Bolton, and in the department on escalating multiple theaters.. ... Trump is frustrated with some of his top advisers, adding  .. He's angry about what he sees said administration with knowledge of conversations..

israeli cabinet lays cornerstone for 'ramat trump'

Cabinet meeting was held in Golan Heights on Sunday to lay the cornerstone of Trump Heights, Israeli community named after U.S. ... In gesture of appreciation for Trump's official recognition of Israeli over Golan Heights March, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced..

trump does gmb

President Trump sat down with Piers Morgan for 30-minute interview on Good Morning Britain. ... Morgan's interview covers Trump's state visit and America's with United Kingdom.. ..

how trump undermined theresa may

U.K and U.S still have deep networks of cooperation on security and intelligence, of the relationship under Trump will have lasting consequences. Trump's interference, insults, and needling of British officials, including May, weakens the case for the alliance within Britain and could..

defending trump

As American, I would like to know if elements of my government tried to derail Donald Trump. ... President Trump is leader and, if you oppose him, that is legitimate political thought. ..

israel/america or netanyahu/trump?

Trump's administration prevented BDS Omar Barghouti from entering the US to embark on speaking tour, even. ... Trump and Kushner believe their deal of the century will help normalize dealings between Palestinians and their ethnocidal occupier, even. ..

trump vetoes second bill

Trump justified the in statement on Tuesday, emphasizing that the act was unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future... ... Trump first vetoed March, decision..

president trump vindicated

While at Perkins Coie, Sussman represented Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton's during Perkins Coie secretly paid for the development of the anti- Trump dossier DOJ used to obtain FISA warrants to spy on Trump campaign.. ... We obtained redacted copies of FISA warrants..

trump wrong about tax law

In his April to IRS commissioner requesting Trump's returns for the tax years 2013 through 2018, the authority granted to him through in IRS Code section 6103 .. ... Neal said the aim is to make sure IRS review of the president's tax returns is being done, appropriately impartially, Grassley..

why donald trump needs obamacare

President Donald Trump wants to kill Obamacare, and it will be harder for him to fulfill his own health care promises without the health reform law... In, Trump officials are relying on the law for certain proposals, particularly to advance their ideas to reduce drug prices... ..

nixon, trump and american myths

By the left and what he has called the deep state the free from any legal or democratic control, From the outset, it was evident that President Trump was the victim of coup attempt coordinated.. ... By the monster that hides behind every myth the elites use to justify their command, The lesson..


The latter just isn’t going to happen under Trump nor under a Wall Street dominated economy even with Democrats running things. . Trump’s tariff doesn’t come out of nowhere. This is the result of an actual process. ..

trump says democrats ‘hate’ jews

WASHINGTON — White House press Sarah Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Donald Trump thinks Democrats hate. White House press Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Monday refused to say whether President Trump believes that Democrats hate Jews.. ..

former trump lawyer sues trump organization

President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer, filed lawsuit against Trump Organization on Thursday New York, saying the company breached agreement and owes him at least 1.9 U.S dollars unpaid legal fees and other costs related to his work.. ... New York City-based Trump..

trump and the global disorder

That said, that Trump does not have the idea of the complexity of Middle East situation, or perhaps of the fact that in this domain, the decisions are not necessarily within the mandate of his presidency, except of Congress in particular. For time, United States has been asking EU members to do..

donald trump, peace president?

Trump's opponents in the establishment imagine that their resources for remaking the world are infinite — that America's morale and blood and treasure is inexhaustible. Trump knows otherwise, as do Americans who must pay for and fight the wars that the elite dreams up.. ..

how trump suborns perjury

s statements about Trump Tower meeting, there was no follow-up. ** Trump dictated that line July of 2017, and his camp has never deviated from it.* Trump Organization lawyers urged Rob Goldstone, to endorse the claim. ... *A version of this article stated that Donald Trump..

john kerry to trump: 'resign'

Kerry also accused Trump of lying about the consequences of pulling out of the accord. Trump claimed at the time that he was leaving to pursue fair treatment and so that foreign leaders would no longer laugh at us... ..

trump is mocking biden

Trump's on Biden's in U.S presidential race, reflects U.S. On the other hand, Trump attempts to turn the game into rivalry through using words against Biden, and this is very much like Trump's personality and approach. Biden now has his main focus on Democrats inner-party..

impeach trump now

On January 20, 2017, Donald Trump stood on the steps of Capitol, raised his right hand, solemnly swore to execute the office of president of United States and, to the best of his ability, to preserve, protect, and defend Constitution of United States. ... The chair of the Ways and Means Committee..

the ny times smears trump

The trio of authors, apparently self-tortured victims of Trump Derangement Syndrome, had the gall to print in the once and former Gray Lady of rectitude. ... That is, one that condemns FBI, not Trump and shows that NYT, sense of responsibility and possession of virtue, has degenerated..

will trump rule by decree?

Many of Trump's executive orders, place Trump opposition to international and national consensus.. ... Goitien worries that Trump could also use Insurrection Act to deploy U.S troops on the streets of American cities. ..

trump and the world economy

S: I can see four main sorts of possible outcomes to be considered from Trump’s economic jousting. . ... They are trying to find ways to mollify Trump. All this suggests to me that it is possible that Trump will get his way. . ..

the trump-media war

In way, Jim Acosta's editorial bomb throwing in press conference with President Trump was Pearl Harbor moment Trump administration has now declared war on the media banishing the provocateur by pulling his White House credential.. ... Trump and the media is terrible, the truth is..

trump inspires uk nationalists

The scene had all the trappings of Donald Trump rally the collision, the bitter complaints about fake news, the fear that the country's white population is under threat from immigrants, the sprinkling of Trump-themed hats and garb.. ... Here, MAGA hats and near-universal approval for..

the trump-establishment war

And Trump is right to speak truth to mainstream power and to accord to the hostile press the same access to White House to. ... What Trump-establishment war is about is the soul of America, in which compromise on principle can be seen as betrayal.. ..

trump stump speeches: immigration

Trump claims that Saipov's mother comes with him, his father then comes, except that's not true.  ... Trump portrays this caravan reminding his supporters that this midterm is going to be election of the caravan, as he put it Montana.. ..

the trump workers party

The title comes from Trump's to CPAC in 2017. The Republican Workers Party would be in its opposition to capitalism economically liberal when it comes to welfare policies for those truly in need.  ... By the government and dropped into the ranks of the impoverished, Meanwhile again,..

the nuclear trump card

The administration of Donald Trump has the potential to go further in the direction of disarmament than any in the 20 years.. ... pulling out of the agreement with Iran has exacerbated diplomatic tensions, and from Trump's point of view, he sees the abrogation as in the direction of his..

pen america v. trump

In contrast, President Trump has called the press the enemy of the people, against the in deliberate attempt to silence criticism. In April 2017, PEN America published Trump Truth, evaluating Trump Administration's first 100 days office from expression with focus on President..

trump and america

Contrary to the expectations of many, if not most, Donald Trump won the election. . ... One representative example, among the countless possibilities, of the ruthlessness of President Trump's enemies is the recent of Senate Judiciary Committee.  ..

trump v. hawaii

To inform Supreme Court's review of Trump v. The in the appeal include whether the ban is lawful exercise of President's authority to suspend entry of certain foreign nationals to United States, and also whether the ban violates Establishment Clause of Constitution.. ..

trump and american exceptionalism

Ian Buruma, writing the New York Times Magazine,  laments that those who voted for Trump and Brexit wish to pull down the pillars of internationalism and retreat into isolation.. ... But Trump has distinguished in one dramatic respect He may be the president to take office. ..

trump and american populism

Win or lose, Trump has tapped into vein of distress and resentment among millions of white working- and middle-class Americans.. Trump is the politician to bash elites and champion the interests of ordinary people. ..

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