the next maria butina? 2020 campaigns to be briefed on

News of the briefings come just weeks after a federal judge sentenced Russian national Maria Butina to 18 months in prison after she pled guilty to trying to infiltrate conservative political circles and promote Russian interest in the run-up to, and after, the 2016 US presidential election. . ..

young democrats may control the political future

The historians Arthur Schlesinger Sr. and Jr. wrote about “cycles of American history,” arguing that, as the generations turn, American politics rotates inexorably between liberal and conservative consensus. ... As a liberal graduate student and a conservative professor, we rarely see..

will millennials ever see social security?

Many conservative politicians have spent each of those 84 years demonizing Social Security, lying about it, and deliberately sabotaging it so their patrons from the financial services industry can sell private retirement products of their own. . ... Moreover, conservative ideology would..

alabama senate passes toughest abortion ban bill in us

Now that the court has a conservative majority in the wake of President Donald Trump’s election, some Republicans want to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe v Wade ruling that recognized women’s right to abortion. . ... Several conservative states are weighing harsh anti-abortion laws,..

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