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Tim Neilson . . Wasn’t it Walker who actually structured his appeal in this way (’13 reasons why it was impossible’), by trying to demonstrate that what the accused said happened was impossible? ..


majority says impeachment is just not the way to go, noted Tim Malloy, director of Quinnipiac University Poll.. ..

april 10, 2019

It was the most dinghy-feeling keelboat we’ve ever been on,” comments Tim. “On Saturday, it was pretty windy as we zig-zagged our way past Craneway Pavilion, into Richmond Inner Harbor and past Point Potrero, but the breeze died just as we turned around and popped the asymmetric kite. ..

the death and life of the jewish century

To liberals, anti-Semitism is something “deplorables” engage in, presumably because they have not been to college or attended a Tim Wise anti-bias training. . ... On this view, anti-Semitism, like racism against African Americans or anti-queer bias, is something “deplorables” engage..

the decline of a nation

Business development has been quiet since Tim Soutphommasane retired.  Perhaps it is time for them to think laterally and to do their business development a different way; to campaign for similar anti-misogyny legislation in Australia and a new Anti-Misogyny Commissioner.  ..

2 challenge police union slate

The union leaders are Maxwell, Officers Richard Baez and Tim Heiden and Sgts. ``We're having fun with it, and it's serious thing because people are upset with the way the union is running things. ..

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