We also talk about the power wielded by drug cartels Mexico, Russia and Japan moving toward resolving old dispute, France turning away from America and strengthening ties with China, and American Express bowing to Chinese pressure over Taiwan... ..

american nationalism or chinese imperialism.

fans noted that the patches on the leather flight jacket worn by Cruise's in the original film had been altered the flag for Taiwan was missing. The long awaited sequel to American classic is being co-financed by Tencent, Chinese company the producers would not dare offend their Chinese..

the prime ministers in america

Throughout his first decade power, n capacity to challenge US policy, urging more restrained American response to the crises across Taiwan Strait, maintaining profitable trading relationship with Beijing in non-strategic goods, and backing Britain, not United States, in Suez crisis of..


TEHRAN - Beijing warned the US against stationing service personnel at American Taipei, after American Institute Taiwan admitted to having detachment of armed US guard on-site for over decade... ..

sino-us relations

American officials also discribed that Chinese authorities also refused to give permission to US Naval war ship to visit Taiwan. On the other hand United States has blamed China for interfering rather unfairly pursuing international trade agreements and pressurising American..

richard c. bush

Bush came to Brookings in July 2002, after serving almost five years as the chairman and managing director of the American Institute in Taiwan, the mechanism through which the United States government conducts substantive relations with Taiwan in the absence of diplomatic relations. . .....

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