the fate of the syrian kurds

Syrian Kurds were the most politically organized powers on Syria their activism to better the situation of Syrian Kurds has continued since 1957, and their military in Syrian war since 2011 first through People's Protection Units and later Syrian Democratic Forces.. ... ..

syrian analyst welcomes war to annihilate israel

Syrian Analyst Taleb Ibrahim We Welcome War to Annihilate Zionist Enemy. Syrian analyst Taleb Ibrahim said, in Al-Manar TV program, that now that the defeat of Syria and Iraq was a done deal, it was the moment for war against Israeli enemy, , managed ISIS, Al-Nusra Front, and FSA. ..

syrian scholar calls for arab-muslim revival

Syrian Scholar Firas Al-Sawwah Al-Aqsa Mentioned Quran Is Not Jerusalem We Should Critically Examine Our Past and Some of Our Religious Traditions. Syrian Firas Al-Sawwah said in March 3, 2019 interview on Al-Hurra TV that Al-Aqsa Mosque that was mentioned in Quran was not in Jerusalem,..

explaining the syrian civil war

In his new book Inside Syria, veteran left-wing Reese Erlich examines the history of Syria from its origins in the division of Ottoman Empire to the rise of Assad family dictatorship and Syrian revolution and counterrevolution today. ..

giving voice to the syrian revolution

The point of departure for the authors is the recognition that political in Syrian context is the continuation of war by other means. ... Many accounts of Syrian revolt lack this type of nuanced analysis, and present Muslim subject as the alterity of Western Self. ..

trump, bolton and the syrian confusion

Trump, Bolton and the Syrian Confusion . by Binoy Kampmark / January 17th, 2019 . ... Bolton was not one the Turkish leader particularly wanted to see in light of his comments that Turkey not harm members of the Kurdish Syrian militias in the aftermath of the US withdrawal.  ..

on trump’s syrian pullout

On Trump’s Syrian Pullout By Richard Falk – Daniel Falcone . January 02, 2019 'Information Clearing House' -  . ... The decision has also been criticized as abandoning Syrian Kurds to the tender mercies of Assad’s regime and Erdogan’s Turkey. ..

» syrian war– imemc news

Category Archives Syrian war. Nov... Syria Claims to Down Israeli War Plane near Damascus., Syrian war 0. ... Our air defense forces shot down Israeli plane and four missiles Syrian source was quoted as saying by Russia's RIA news agency... 22 Oct.. 3,894 Palestinians Killed..

gerlach discusses syrian civil war

Dozens gathered Luce Hall on Tuesday to hear from Daniel Gerlach, editor-in-chief of German Middle East Zenith, war of narratives and Syrian Civil War.. The event, covered the element of Syrian conflict. Gerlach's book argues that Syrian Civil War is conflict between religious..

us military presence on syrian soil illegal

US military presence on Syrian soil illegal. Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al- Muallem has condemned the presence of hundreds of American troopers in the southeastern part of his country close to the border with Iraq, terming the deployment as illegal and an act of aggression... Speaking..

syrian activists plan largest protests

The state of emergency was brought down, not lifted, Syrian Suhair Atassi, wrote on Twitter page.. ... Amnesty International urged Syrian authorities to show today, saying the government's response to the protests will test its in undertaking reforms... ..

syrian army captures key aleppo hilltop

Syrian forces advance Aleppo's militant-held Bustan al-Basha on October 6, 2016.  Elsewhere, in the town of al-Dana, Syrian air force fighter jets struck number of militant bases on Friday, leaving tens of Takfiris dead and injured.. ..

un hails syrian government victory

In conversation with Syrian, Vladimir Putin congratulated his colleague on Syrian forces liberating the city of Palmyra from terrorists, noting the importance of preserving this unique for culture, Kremlin Dmitry Peskov said.. ... Syrian forces flash victory signs and carry..

'syrian troops enter raqqa province'

Syrian soldiers The Syrian has advanced past the provincial borders of Raqqa which is the self-declared for Daesh caliphate, London-based monitor says  . ... fighter is seen at in Syrian of Ain Issi, some north of Raqqa, on July 10, 2015. ..

syrian government wins the battle of aleppo

Russian government has announced the conclusion of military Aleppo, and says Syrian government is now in control of the city.. ... Representatives of Russia, Turkey and Syrian rebel groups reached agreement on Tuesday for the rebels to leave the last few pockets of the city of Aleppo..

texas sues to block syrian refugees

Texas has gone to federal court in its efforts to keep Syrian refugees out of the state, filing suit against the government and refugee resettlement nonprofit.. ... That number is small for Texas, and the count of Syrian refugees was expected to increase in the year as United States..

attack kills syrian troops

BEIRUT -- Armed men killed 120 Syrian security forces and torched government buildings Monday in region where troops have unleashed assaults on protesters for days, Syria said. ... Syrian activist speaking on condition of anonymity said there were unconfirmed reports of infighting between..

syrian forces detain hundreds

CAIRO -- Syrian forces heaped more Tuesday on residents of restive towns, detaining hundreds in raids or at checkpoints, firing on people trying to retrieve the bodies of anti-government protesters and even shooting holes water tanks in region parched by drought, .. ... European leaders escalated..

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