pompeo warns turkey against striking syria

Pompeo warns Turkey against striking Syria. Washington US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Wednesday of devastating results if Turkey strikes Syria as he met Washington with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu... ... Speaking at in the day, bluntly when asked if he thought United..

trump's syria envoy: 'war will continue'

Trump's Syria Envoy 'War Will Continue.. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams In press conference yesterday, President Trump's point man for Syria, Jim Jeffrey, said that the defeat of ISIS will not result in US withdrawal from its occupation of Syrian territory. ..

iran’s first vice president in syria

Iran's First Vice President Syria. 41 Views. Eshaq Jahangiri Kouhshahi, first president of Iran, arrived Damascus on Monday for talks with top Syrian officials at the head of large delegation. DEBKAfile They will discuss plans for Syria's and reconstruction after years of devastating..

false flags in northern syria?

Meanwhile on Saturday, Trump reinvented Washington's Syria, saying e're killing ISIS for Russia, for Iran, for Syria, for Iraq, for lot of other places.  .. ... According to Kurdish-language Hawar News, ISIS fighters have Turkey, able to move cross-border into Syria and Iraq,..

u.s. forces begin withdrawal from syria

-led coalition fighting Islamic State group, said the process of our deliberate withdrawal from Syria has started... ... U.S troops have been involved Syria's war since 2014 when the elite force arrived in the country to advise Kurdish-led fighters. ..

syria was never a just war

The most in West's Syria's civil and war is our lack of justification for the morality of going to war with Assad and sending American troops to Syria in the first place.. So far, persuasively the morality of even one of the criteria of Just War model to justify the morality of our..

uae officially reopens embassy in syria

UAE, Arab country like Syria, closed its embassy soon and Abu Dhabi was long considered sponsor of the militant groups that poured into Syria from across the region and beyond to fight to bring down the government of President Bashar al-Assad.. ... All along Syria, Syrian..

a post-war syria?

Children in the rubble of damaged buildings in Damascus of Ghouta, Syria ... Countries and donors looking to engage on Syria, should insist on vetting and reforming Syrian state apparatus, particularly the security and justice systems, to respect the rights of Syrian citizens. ..

syria ignores u.n. deadline

He said Syrian government was prepared to enact cease-fire to coincide with the arrival of international group of monitors from countries of Syria's choosing... ... Russia, appeared to be backing away from some of its key requirements, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying that..

syria rejects washington's crematorium allegation

Syria has rejected Washington's that Damascus has constructed prison-based crematorium to burn the bodies of thousands of alleged executed detainees, saying the unfounded claim is fact new. ... In this file photo released by US Air Force, warplanes fly over Iraq as part of US-led airstrikes..

attack on mosque in syria

Photographs of weapon remnants found at the site, information from witnesses, that US forces used at least two types of munitions in the attack air-dropped GPS-guided bombs and Hellfire missiles.. ..

erdogan plays all sides in syria

He considers Kurdish YPG militia terror group, despite the fact they fought-and-died to eliminate ISIS Syria and Iraq with U.S backing.. ... Putin gave Erdogan concession creating buffer zone Syria for the purpose of stopping almost certain bloodbath Idlib Province. ..


The UN Security Council debates the humanitarian crisis Syria, U.S. ... U.S from Syria removes the obstacle to Turkish campaign to eradicate Syrian Kurdish forces and could lead to more of Syria's civil war. by December 21, 2018... ..

making sense of syria

The US has election system that is plagued with security issues, yet we want to cast doubts on the validity of Syria's election, based on the premise that nobody knew. ... To put it simply, the US will not help Assad because the US benefits more from Syria's division and demise than it..

group warns syria rebels

The group painted dark picture that is stark contrast to the freedom fighter image that the rebels and their political allies outside Syria have sought to project to the world.. ... On Syria, rebels on Tuesday suffered yet another setback, announcing withdrawal from the city of Deir..

syria: mass arrest campaign intensifies

The government has been arresting and holding activists despite the start of its National Dialogue Initiative on July 10 that, government media maintain, is intended to facilitate Syria's transition to a multi-party democratic political system. ... He said that a court in Damascus is examining..

u.s. hails syria action

anti-American sentiment that has flared in Middle East since Iraq also bedeviled Syria. ... The speculation has been that Assad regime has put people up to this, said Joshua Landis, Syria at University of Oklahoma. ..

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