syrian arab republic: recent developments

. • Devaluation of Syrian Pound is driving up prices and unaffordability of essential goods and services in northwestern Syria, exacerbating the situation and reliance on humanitarian assistance.. ... In total, 162,000 people were displaced in northwest Syria between 15 and 26 January..

syria – consortiumnews

Episode Turkey Invades Syria History and Present of Anti-War Movement. CNLive presents Episode The Turkish Invasion of Syria and History and Present of Anti-War Movement with Brian Becker, Margaret Flowers, Kevin Zeese, As'ad Abu Khalil, Mark Sleboda and Giorgio Cafiero.. ..

russian troops move into northern syria

Russia said on Tuesday that its military units were patrolling territory Syria between Syrian and Turkish forces underscoring the sudden loss of United States influence in the area and illustrating how the power balance in the region has shifted in the week, New York Times reports... ..

trump is right on syria

My point is Democrats did not join with Republicans in loudly opposing Obama's Iraq like GOP has done standing lock-armed with Democrats blasting Trump's decision regarding Syria.. ..

more ‘stupid war’ in syria

This, of course, puts Turks in confrontation with Kurds, who have occupied large swaths of the area during Syria's war. ... France seized Syria and Lebanon. US troops Syria appear to have come from the US Iraq, as VP Dick Cheney hoped, would become central US military base for..

syria: another forever war beckons

explosion of criticism had erupted Congress and the in response to President Trump's decision to withdraw contingent of U.S troops stationed Syria. ... Turkish leaders regard Kurdish enclaves in both Syria and Iraq serious threat to Turkey's own security and integrity. ..

statement regarding trump's syria announcement

In response to White House's announcement last night regarding the re-deployment of U.S troops Syria, and President Trump's tweets early this morning, ment. President Trump's decision amounts to green light for Turkey to conduct military operations Syria against group, Syrian Defense..

european jihad in syria

The incident is part of problem involving German and other citizens from Western countries joining jihadist groups Syria's, war, raising Muslim terrorism concerns Syria and beyond.. ... Questions about arms camouflaged German Muslim convert who has traveled to Syria. ..

why is russia in syria?

I'm on my way to meet Hassan, Palestinian born Syria, and Angelica, Russian. ... Syria and Soviet Union had close relations going back to the 1960s, when Soviets supported Arab nationalists against U.S. ..

un / syria attacks reax

Three co-pen holders on Syria, Kuwait, Germany and Belgium, including those on medical facilities and medical workers. ... Following closed-door meeting of Security Council on Syria, the representatives of Belgium, Germany and Kuwait condemn ongoing airstrikes impacting civilians in..

un / syria sdf children

United Nations has signed its first action plan to end and prevent the recruitment and use of Syria. ... United Nations has signed its first action plan to end and prevent the recruitment and use of Syria, said UN Stephane Dujarric New York on Monday .. ..

syria: government co-opting recovery efforts

The 91-page report, Rigging System Government Policies Co-Opt Aid and Reconstruction Funding Syria, looks at the government's policies for and restrictions on humanitarian assistance and reconstruction and development funding to Syria. ... Residents walk through rubble with damaged..

haaretz anti-syria propaganda

On issues about Syria, Haaretz resembles US-led Western media, featuring all propaganda all the time, suppressing hard truths about US-launched for regime change and isolating Iran, raging without in its ninth year.. ... Iranian military advisors, not combat forces, are Syria at Assad's..

iranian proxies in syria target israel

The Imminent Iran- Syria Divorce, Trumpet stated that Iran's Syria is part of its goal to control Shia Crescent — land stretching from Iran and Iraq to Syria and Lebanon on the west coast.. ... Iran causes Syria to suffer, the more it's leading to the fulfillment of..

endless anti-syria propaganda war

Times n Syria, hospitals are tool of war — indeed by the US and its imperial partners, not by Syrian and Russian forces.. ... Hearing word that Russia, Syria and to lesser extent, Iran bombing the hell out of Idlib Privince Syria, killing many innocent civilians. ..


Amir Hamed was abducted by gunmen from his Derbasiyah, North-Eastern Syria, on January 2014. ... On December, people around the world remembered Razan Zaitouneh, Samira Khalil, Nazem Hamadi and Wa'el Hamada, kidnapped Douma, Syria on this day five years ago. ‎ ..

pompeo warns turkey against striking syria

Pompeo warns Turkey against striking Syria. Washington US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo warned Wednesday of devastating results if Turkey strikes Syria as he met Washington with Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu... ... Speaking at in the day, bluntly when asked if he thought United..

trump's syria envoy: 'war will continue'

Trump's Syria Envoy 'War Will Continue.. Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams In press conference yesterday, President Trump's point man for Syria, Jim Jeffrey, said that the defeat of ISIS will not result in US withdrawal from its occupation of Syrian territory. ..

syria: from revolution to quagmire

Turkey's main aim Syria, even while ostensibly rebels in the fight against the regime, has been to prevent Kurdish control along its border and establish area for returning Syrian refugees, some 3.5 million of. Last year, Turkish and allied rebel forces took over Afrin, Kurdish-majority area..

war in syria

By rescuing civilians from war zones in, They made name for themselves Syria, and now they are danger 422 members of Syrian aid White Helmets and their families have been rescued from the in the south of Syria - by Israeli army. ... The foreign ministers of the contact group on..

iran’s first vice president in syria

Iran's First Vice President Syria. 41 Views. Eshaq Jahangiri Kouhshahi, first president of Iran, arrived Damascus on Monday for talks with top Syrian officials at the head of large delegation. DEBKAfile They will discuss plans for Syria's and reconstruction after years of devastating..

false flags in northern syria?

Meanwhile on Saturday, Trump reinvented Washington's Syria, saying e're killing ISIS for Russia, for Iran, for Syria, for Iraq, for lot of other places.  .. ... According to Kurdish-language Hawar News, ISIS fighters have Turkey, able to move cross-border into Syria and Iraq,..

a post-war syria?

Children in the rubble of damaged buildings in Damascus of Ghouta, Syria ... Countries and donors looking to engage on Syria, should insist on vetting and reforming Syrian state apparatus, particularly the security and justice systems, to respect the rights of Syrian citizens. ..

syria ignores u.n. deadline

He said Syrian government was prepared to enact cease-fire to coincide with the arrival of international group of monitors from countries of Syria's choosing... ... Russia, appeared to be backing away from some of its key requirements, with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov saying that..

‘turkey violating syria sovereignty’

According to the analyst, Syria has had the right to bomb Turkey's military forces and equipment because Turkish forces entered Syria to support mercenaries. Turkish Parliament on October, the day of the new year, authorized the government to further hold troops Syria and Iraq..

making sense of syria

The US has election system that is plagued with security issues, yet we want to cast doubts on the validity of Syria's election, based on the premise that nobody knew. ... To put it simply, the US will not help Assad because the US benefits more from Syria's division and demise than it..

-russia tensions escalate in syria

Fox News, citing three U.S officials, reported that Kremlin has deployed advanced anti-missile system to Syria for the first time... ... State Department spokesman was referring to Russian-backed Assad forces bombing the region of Aleppo Syria, killing civilians, including children. ..

no to german intervention in syria!

On Thursday, the government agreed to participate in US-led military coalition bombing Syrian positions of Islamic State Iraq and Syria, by deploying six Tornado jets, at least one aircraft, warship and reconnaissance. ... Germany and France seeking to bring the US and Russia, and some of the..

group warns syria rebels

The group painted dark picture that is stark contrast to the freedom fighter image that the rebels and their political allies outside Syria have sought to project to the world.. ... On Syria, rebels on Tuesday suffered yet another setback, announcing withdrawal from the city of Deir..

syria: mass arrest campaign intensifies

The government has been arresting and holding activists despite the start of its National Dialogue Initiative on July 10 that, government media maintain, is intended to facilitate Syria's transition to a multi-party democratic political system. ... He said that a court in Damascus is examining..

u.s. hails syria action

anti-American sentiment that has flared in Middle East since Iraq also bedeviled Syria. ... The speculation has been that Assad regime has put people up to this, said Joshua Landis, Syria at University of Oklahoma. ..

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