presstv-sudan general says coup attempt foiled

The forming of the new governing body is the first step towards installing overall Sudan as demanded by demonstrators.. Sudan's ruling military council and coalition of opposition and protest groups reached power-sharing on Thursday, move that is expected to end weeks of deadly..

seven killed as mass protests rock sudan

Seven killed as mass protests rock Sudan . . . . Health ministry official says seven people killed, another 181 wounded, including 27 with bullets, in protests to demand civilian rule. . . . ... Thousands also protested in the cities of Port Sudan, Al-Obeid, Madani and Khasma el-Girba,..

tens of thousands protest army rule in sudan

KHARTOUM, Sudan — Tens of thousands of protesters took to Sudan's capital and elsewhere in the country on Sunday calling for civilian rule three months after the army forced out long-ruling autocrat Omar al-Bashir.. ... Sudan Doctors Committee, the medical arm of SPA, said in..

seven killed as mass demos rock sudan

Hundreds demonstrate for civilian rule in Sudan's state capitals U.S. to consider sanctions in case of more Sudan violence Sudan's underground musicians turn defiant after uprising . . . . ... Seven killed as mass demos rock Sudan . . . . . . More . . . . Most Recent Photo..

south sudan / women empowerment

During his trip to South Sudan, the UN peacekeeping Jean-Pierre Lacroix met with women's group to discuss in the implementation of the peace agreement.. ... The women are disappointed by the six-month delay in the political process and they remain optimistic that, lasting peace will become South..

sudan: heed calls for justice

The news of al-Bashir's detention adds twist to unfolding events Sudan and reinforces protesters calls for justice and accountability, said Jehanne Henry, associate Africa at Human Rights Watch.. ..

sudan: no to rule of the generals!

Protesters are very aware of Arab Spring in 2011 say that this movement is not the in other words, they are aware that following those mighty revolutions, elements of the old regimes came back to power, and they do not want that to happen Sudan.. ... The opposition group Sudan is..

pope francis: peace is possible in south sudan

.- Pope Francis Thursday told the formerly warring leaders of South Sudan that peace is in their fledgling country through the power of Christ's resurrection... ... Upon all Christians of South Sudan who, in helping those in greatest need, bind up the wounds of Jesus body, I implore God's..


Spotlight Sudan Censorship Free Expression & Law. Osman Mirghani, the editor-in-chief of Al Tayar, was arrested by National Intelligence and Security Service agents and is being detained at unknown location... ... Sudan Attacks Free Expression & Law.. CPJ is calling on Sudanese..

new gov't in sudan announced

Sudan's National Prime Minister, Mohamed Tahir Ella, announced the decree at press conference in Khartoum... ... On Feb 22, al-Bashir declared the state of emergency all over Sudan and dissolved the central and state governments in the wake of popular protests. ..

sudan is africa’s secret crisis

Previously, NCP was able to blame the country's economic woes on American sanctions, imposed first in response to Sudan's as sponsor of in 1997 and then the violence of Darfur crisis in 2007. its problems can still be traced to United States, whose decision to keep Sudan on the list of..

geneva / south sudan sexual violence

in South Sudan's Unity state targeting victims the UN rights office, OHCHR, said on Friday.. ... By militia groups and elements of the Most of the attacks are reported to have been carried out-Taban Deng Sudan People's Liberation Army Opposition ) and South Sudan People's..

sudan revokes credentials of foreign press

Sudan's move against the media is another desperate attempt to muzzle the press during this period of unrest, said CPJ Middle East and North Africa Program Coordinator Sherif Mansour.. ... In statement, Al-Jazeera denounced Sudan's arbitrary decision and called on authorities to..

the importance of the sanctions regime in sudan

In to Panel of Experts activities, United Kingdom welcomes the cooperation of the government of Sudan. In this report, they singled out the clashes between Sudan Liberation Army - Abdel Wahid and government of Sudan forces in Jebel Marra of Darfur as the development during the..

south sudan

AMDISS is concerned by the blockage of some websites namely Sudan Tribune, Radio Tamazuj and others. ... South Sudan Censorship Free Expression & Law.. Al-Jazeera English suspended South Sudan. ..

sudan tribune: plural news and views on sudan

September 27, 2018 - The Security Council Committee on South Sudan called on United Nations state members to implement the embargo on South Sudan and the other individual  .. ... September 25, 2018 - Sudan and South Sudan on Monday have signed agreement to take all..

south sudan tribune news today

The site intends to promote free debate and information on occurrences Sudan and South Sudan and has no affiliation with the small print newspaper released Khartoum and Juba of the same name. ... Sudan Liberation Movement, led my Minni Minnawi, has called for the arrest of..

sudan at a crossroads

The president agreed to continue to communicate with U.S administration and its official agencies in the period, order to ensure the permanent lift of sanctions on Sudan, addition to removing Sudan from U.S list of state sponsors of terrorism and resolving all existing problems between the..

south sudan government approves 4,000-strong un force

African troops, committed during IGAD summit by delegations of Africa's national bourgeois elites from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Djibouti and Somalia, will join the 12,000 nominal peacekeepers already present in country. ... The separation of South Sudan was placed on the agenda by..

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