far right surges amid socialist win in spain

MADRID -- Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez's Socialists won Spain's on Sunday and large gains by the upstart far-right Vox party appear certain to widen the in European Union's fifth-largest economy... ... Today we are the third-largest party Spain and the party that has grown the in votes..

modern spain and the sephardim

Spain's complex, convoluted and relationship with Jews is the theme of Maite Ojeda-Mata's comprehensive and nuanced work, Modern Spain and Sephardim, published by Lexington Books. ... Spain's to Germany, Antonio Magaz, described Jews as undesirable and warned that their..

scenarios: will spain finally have a government?

By agreement should the result be inconclusive, MADRID - The main candidates Spain's fourth in four years have already dismissed several possible scenarios for forming government... ... Socialists have said that they would make proposals to other parties within 48 hours and would aim to strike..

spain jails catalan separatist leaders, sparks protests

The ruling and its fallout is to color election on Nov., Spain's in four years, and influence the direction taken by the separatist movement.. The regional head of Catalonia, Quim Torra, called for amnesty for all 12 leaders and would seek urgent meeting with Spain's King Felipe VI and..

unhcr europe monthly report (july 2019) - spain

changes to Spain's approach to search and rescue in the Western Mediterranean limited the areas of operations to Spain's Search and Rescue Region, resulting in 39% reduction in the number of arrivals to Spain. ... While land arrivals at the enclaves have decreased by 16% compared..

prelude to civil war: francis graham wilson on spain

With the introduction into Spain of French esprit revolutionnaire that accompanied Napoleon's conquest, many Spanish intellectuals turned against the monarchy, Catholic Church, and Spain's system of autonomous fueros .. ... In 1967, in light of his reading in the history of..

sixth-century town surveyed in spain

Sixth-Century Town Surveyed Spain... ALCALÁ DE HENARES, SPAIN — reports that researchers led by Michael McCormick of Harvard University and Lauro Olmo Enciso of University of Alcalá have conducted geomagnetic survey of the site of Reccopolis, town constructed A.D 578 by King Leovigild,..

spain: an election full of uncertainty

The campaign has addressed any of Spain's most pressing issues, such as persistent unemployment, the slowdown, how to trim the deficit or how to punch its weight in EU. ... Spain's democracy has matured over four decades. Sadly, from most of today's political leaders, only one of..

vox and the extreme right in spain

By reproducing scene that seems as though it was taken out from the In moment of creativity, VOX, the new referent for the extreme right Spain, thought of promoting image of political leadership Lord of Rings epic saga. It's almost too easy to make fun of the in which VOX promises to 'Reconquer..

george orwell, spain, and revolution

He resolved to go to Spain, where he learned that just being anti-fascist was insufficient — you had to be for something. . ... In Homage to Catalonia Orwell argued the need to rally the support of the workers and peasants to the rear of the forces of the fascist leader Franco; to appeal to the..

spain holds political show trial of catalan nationalist

Spain holds political show trial of Catalan nationalist defendants. Over the last two weeks, Madrid has launched judicial frame-up of Catalan nationalist politicians and leaders in public show trial. ... Nine of them have been in custody for over 500 days and face up to 25 years in jail for..

study in spain - expat guide to spain

o Spanish universities, there are outposts of American universities Spain Schiller International University, St. You can find information on scholarships to study Spain on Spanish Ministry of Education website ask your university about any exchange programmes.. ..

in spain, far-right populists rise on anti-separatist

On Feb 9, just days tens of thousands of people took to Spain's capital to demand that the government halt negotiations with Catalan separatist leaders.. ... Together with Citizens and People's Party, Spain's right-wing parties could form large enough coalition to govern, according to..

podemos and the left in spain

The reinforcement given by Socialist Party to then Prime Minister Adolfo Suárez of Democratic Center Union took the form of helping the government to quell the wave of strikes and demonstrations that had threatened to destabilize Spain throughout 1976 1977. ... In 1985, of course, Socialist..

a guide to education in spain - expat guide to spain

OECD PISA survey of educational standards of year olds across 70 countries and economies showed that Spain's in mathematics, reading and science is above OECD average. ... After school, students go onto Spain between the ages of 12 and 16 years old, school, private school  or..

echr ruled against spain in 9 out of 10 cases in 2018

ECHR has 279 outstanding requests from Spain, including those related to the referendum held on October 1st Strasbourg still has not resolved any of the complaints for Catalan case.. The trial against Basque Arnaldo Otegui, the burning of photograph of the king, and the expulsion of two Moroccans..


Spotlight Free Expression & the Law Freedom of Assembly Spain. The Catalan civil society leaders have been held in pre-trial detention for more than year and face up to 17 years prison if convicted... ... Terrorism laws threatening freedom of Spain. Vague bans on glorification of..

spain unearths its past

Half of Spain is opposed to the exhumation of Franco and the profanation and pillaging of Valley of Fallen, the movement's leaders warned. ... The leader, Santiago Abascal, called upon the flag-waving crowd to make Spain great again and fight the enemies for Spain's division and..

supreme court rules against spain over failure to meet

Spain's Supreme Court has rebuked Spanish State for failing to meet the refugee quota set by European Union in 2015. ... Yet the court has ruled that Spain was meant to take on all 19,449 people, the figure that it had been allocated by European Commission, 000 refugees that Europe had..

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