bernie’s soviet honeymoon

The Washington Post runs account of Bernie Sanders 1988 honeymoon in Soviet Union. ... From all that appears, during his hour-long news conference Sanders withheld the received from Soviet officials that Soviet system was dire straits. ..

kazakhstan’s soviet-era leader resigns after 30 years

After all, President Nazarbaev is 78 years old and Central Asia’s only remaining Soviet-era leader. . In his televised announcement, Nazarbaev stated that Kazakhstan’s task under his rule had been “to build a market economy, dismantle the totalitarian ideological system [of the Soviet..

the first year of soviet power

This entails makeover of the violently anti-soviet activities of Mensheviks and SRs, and omission of Western-sponsored efforts to drown the blood. Rabinowitch, however, includes wealth of material on SR and Menshevik anti-soviet machinations and also shows how British embassy operated. ..

camera op-ed: marc lamont hill and the soviet union’s

USSR supported Israel's in 1947, and this had more to do with Soviet Joseph Stalin's desire to stick in the eye of Mandate Palestine's rulers, British. At the time of Stalin's death, Soviet press was publishing material warning of Jewish plots and conspiracies and rumors were spreading..

presstv-british fm likens eu to soviet union

PressTV-British FM likens EU to Soviet Union. British Foreign Jeremy Hunt has likened European Union to Soviet Union London's struggle to exit the bloc.. ... It was Soviet Union that stopped people leaving... European Union has said that parts of British Prime Minister..

10 positive things the soviet union did

Soviet Union was one of the most repressive deadly regimes in history, and many outright atrocities were committed against Soviet people through the years. ... it was easier for Soviet citizens to travel from city to city and not out of the country... ..

soviet aide explains east-west germany

Soviet press agency Tass quoted Gorbachev Douglas Hurd In the meantime, transitional stage is possible. Just how this process would work - either the period or the security system - is not clear, and Soviet officials had begun to think more carefully about the idea.. ..

-soviet turning point

-Soviet relations.. Bush has gone to great lengths to dampen expectations for his two-day floating summit with Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, of departure from past antagonisms and the start of new cooperative spirit to reunite Europe... ... These understandings could involve..

soviet religious charity asserts itself

But in effort to improve the level of care in hospitals and to deal with social problems they once ignored, Soviet authorities appear to have lifted the restriction on charitable work by religious organizations.. ... Gorbachev, Soviet Communist Party secretary, meet with Patriarch..

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