bernie’s soviet honeymoon

The Washington Post runs account of Bernie Sanders 1988 honeymoon in Soviet Union. ... From all that appears, during his hour-long news conference Sanders withheld the received from Soviet officials that Soviet system was dire straits. ..

on this day: april 13, 1990

The Nazis accused Soviet Union of the murder of Polish officers.. For almost five decades, Soviet Union denied all responsibility, insisting that the murders were committed by German army.. ... The officers and civilians had been arrested when Soviet Union invaded Poland in..

kazakhstan’s soviet-era leader resigns after 30 years

After all, President Nazarbaev is 78 years old and Central Asia’s only remaining Soviet-era leader. . In his televised announcement, Nazarbaev stated that Kazakhstan’s task under his rule had been “to build a market economy, dismantle the totalitarian ideological system [of the Soviet..

30 years on, russia views afghan war with pride

In this photo taken on Feb 15, 1989, people and relatives greet Soviet Army soldiers driving on their armored personnel carriers after crossing bridge on the border between Afghanistan and then Soviet Uzbekistan near Uzbek of Termez, Uzbekistan. ... Soviet Union invaded..

afghanistan: from "soviet" occupation to american

Back in the 1980s during the Soviet-Afghan War, the Afghan jihadists did not spring up spontaneously out of nowhere. The Western powers with the help of Saudi money and Pakistan’s intelligence agencies trained and armed the erstwhile “freedom fighters” against their archrival the former..

the first year of soviet power

This entails makeover of the violently anti-soviet activities of Mensheviks and SRs, and omission of Western-sponsored efforts to drown the blood. Rabinowitch, however, includes wealth of material on SR and Menshevik anti-soviet machinations and also shows how British embassy operated. ..

camera op-ed: marc lamont hill and the soviet union’s

USSR supported Israel's in 1947, and this had more to do with Soviet Joseph Stalin's desire to stick in the eye of Mandate Palestine's rulers, British. At the time of Stalin's death, Soviet press was publishing material warning of Jewish plots and conspiracies and rumors were spreading..

stalin & hitler: mass murder by starvation

The conquest of Soviet Union meant control of most of European lands which lay between Germany and USSR, and Soviet Belarus, Soviet Ukraine, and western Soviet Russia.. Stalin's Five-Year Plan of 1928 1933 called for the transformation of Soviet Union from..

10 positive things the soviet union did

Soviet Union was one of the most repressive deadly regimes in history, and many outright atrocities were committed against Soviet people through the years. ... it was easier for Soviet citizens to travel from city to city and not out of the country... ..

gorbachev yields germany to nato

MOSCOW — In concession to West, Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev on Monday dropped his objection to Germany choosing to be member of NATO.. ... Soviet leader would have had time selling to his people Germany belonging to NATO if Western alliance had not extended its hand first.. ..


SOVIET PRESIDENT Mikhail Gorbachev congratulated President-elect George Bush on Wednesday and hopes the administration will continue developing U.S.- Soviet relations. Soviet Union is ready to continue and deepen Soviet-American cooperation on many issues, Kremlin leader..

soviet religious charity asserts itself

But in effort to improve the level of care in hospitals and to deal with social problems they once ignored, Soviet authorities appear to have lifted the restriction on charitable work by religious organizations.. ... Gorbachev, Soviet Communist Party secretary, meet with Patriarch..

soviet schism: needing yet hating change

By tumultuous history to cherish stability and to be wary of the designs of their leaders, Yet Soviet society remains conservative, perhaps because Russian people have been conditioned.. ... This Soviet trait is cited the ability to survive the worst of times and to be grateful for..

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