senate: the standard saraki left behind

Kennedy, whose portraits were to adorn US Senate reception room. The difficulty faced by Kennedy years in picking the in the history of US Senate is the same as the problem of defining the qualities that make for in Senate everywhere today, including Nigeria... ... As of May..

senate passes $19 billion disaster aid bill

Senate on Thursday passed bipartisan bill to distribute more flooding and forest fires. ... According to multiple news sources, Senate bill would release those billions and include $900 million more prioritized by Senate Democrats for nutrition assistance and community..

the do nothing senate

In part, it's due to the fact that we have Congress with Democrats controlling House and Republicans controlling Senate. Additionally, Senate rules are in that they give the majority party, in the person of Majority Leader, in determining the business of Senate. ..

senate votes to terminate national emergency

By bipartisan margin, Rights groups celebrated a historic rebuke of power grab Thursday after Senate voted to terminate President Donald Trump's emergency declaration... ... In joint statement, Revoke Trump Emergency Coalition, said Thursday's vote in Senate was the product of grassroots..

the senate votes for more stalemate

Thursday were the first Senate has taken to reopen the government since the 34-day shutdown began on December 22. ... Minutes before the vote, around two House Democrats marched in silence across Capitol and onto Senate floor to make clear their frustration with McConnell's handling of..

senate challenges trump on yemen war

If passed by Senate, the resolution to end US Yemen's war would be victory for Sanders and peace activists on Capitol Hill. ... Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis are expected to run interference on Wednesday morning at with Senate on Yemen. ..

kyrsten sinema wins arizona senate race

 Representative Kyrsten Sinema, Democrat and former worker, scored in the race for Senate seat Arizona, defeating Republican opponent after waging in. Sinema's over Martha McSally, Republican congresswoman and former Air Force pilot, marks Democratic triumph since 1976 in battle for..

the senate is not fair to people

Thus Senate would be more like the members of Continental Congress than free-standing representatives of the people. . ... And Senate's disproportionate representation shifts voting power to protect minority class. ..

michigan republicans cling to state house, senate

Detroit — Michigan Republicans will retain majorities in Michigan House and Senate despite losing seats Tuesday's election, preventing major blue wave and setting the stage for government that will test Democratic Gov. ... Democrats appeared likely to gain up to five seats in Senate as..

james purcell, state senate district 18

James Purcell, State Senate District 18. James Purcell is Democrat running for State Senate, District 18.. Office sought   State Senate, District 18. Candidate statement  We need legislators who can look  past party politics and  focus on the real issues facing our..

presstv-us senate confirms kavanaugh amid protests

This is while some protesters also gathered in the area of Senate chamber reminding people in the gallery that expressions of approval or disapproval are not permitted there.. ... Senate's been under assault, by demonstrators, many of whom I suspect are paid and organized, on Saturday..

senate confirms kavanaugh to supreme court

Washington Judge Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed by narrow vote in Senate Saturday after bitter and battle over his nomination that included allegations of sexual misconduct.. ... Senate for confirming our GREAT NOMINEE, Judge Brett Kavanaugh, to United States Supreme Court. ..

senate advances kavanaugh nomination

Washington In narrow vote, Senate voted on Friday to advance the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to Supreme Court.. ... Despite overwhelming opposition to Brett Kavanaugh's Connecticut and around the country, Senate Republicans are jamming him through, .. ..

the senate should not confirm kavanaugh

October 04, 2018 'Information Clearing House'-  The following letter will be presented to the United States Senate on Oct. 4. . ... Even in his prepared remarks, Judge Kavanaugh described the hearing as partisan, referring to it as “a calculated and orchestrated political hit,” rather than..

elizabeth warren for u.s. senate

Senate . October 4, 2018 . By Record Staff . . Every now and then an extraordinary person appears on the political scene who diverges from politics as usual. . Such was the case six years ago when Elizabeth Warren first ran for the United States Senate — and in the six years in which she..

late-term abortion ban clears senate

The final vote was 64-33, with Democrats joining 48 Republicans in supporting the ban, and three Republicans joining 29 Democrats and Senate's, James M. ... Wednesday, Senate rejected two attempts by Democrats to narrow the ban to allow exceptions for cases in. ..

detainee bill wins passage in senate

Senate rejected yesterday proposal to include this right in the bill establishing the rules for the new military tribunal system the overall bill was then approved, 65-34.. ... Republican-led House and Senate gave Bush the authority he requested and told Supreme Court to stay out of the..

senate panel opens hearing on internet privacy

John Thune, South Dakota Republican who heads Senate Commerce Committee, opened Wednesday's hearing by saying there's strong desire by both Republicans and Democrats for privacy law.. ... Andrew DeVore, Amazon's president and associate general counsel, told Senate panel Wednesday that..

us senate disregards bradbury role in torture

On November 14, 2017, US Senate approved Steven Bradbury as general counsel of Department of Transportation by 50-47 vote. ... The confirmation of Steven Bradbury sends message that US Senate will, without scrutiny, confirm nominees for government posts. ..

the american senate: an insider’s history

In Senate's so-called golden age, debates among such giants as Daniel Webster, John Calhoun, and Henry Clay over slavery and the nature of the union transfixed the country, and Senate became the chamber that addressed the most consequential questions of the day. ... Nevertheless,..

gop rides cavalry to u.s. senate majority

Dark money groups that do not disclose their funders accounted for at least one of every five ads in six of Senate races Arkansas, North Carolina, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana and Michigan.. ... In the final days of North Carolina's race, which will go down Senate-focused TV ad ran..

pac profile: senate majority pac

Senate Majority PAC focused its efforts on Senate races in several key states, including Arizona, Connecticut, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin. ... Overall, unions accounted for about one-third of Senate Majority PAC raised, according to..

senate panel delays vote on sotomayor

WASHINGTON -- The Senate Judiciary Committee put off its vote Tuesday on Supreme Court Sonia Sotomayor for one amid objections from the panel's Republicans, even as the judge's support among GOP moderates continued to grow.. ... NARAL also considered Sotomayor has drawn from Senate's..

the senate

Res 642 - Legislation passed by Senate allowing C-SPAN to bring its cameras into Senate during session.. ... Senate Historian Betty Koed tells the story of partisan politics in Senate and how that played into the first... ..

senate backs u.s.-india nuclear deal

WASHINGTON -- The Senate on Thursday endorsed plan allowing United States to ship nuclear fuel and technology to India, handing President Bush victory on one of his top policy initiatives. ... Even with the strong by Senate, however, several hurdles loom before India and United States..

bork backs toomey for senate

Bork, said Monday he's backing Lehigh Valley in Senate GOP primary to keep Specter from becoming chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee... ... Specter has expressed reservations about couple of Bush nominees, and so far has voted for all of them committee and on Senate floor. ..

senate ok's changes in death penalty

Connecticut would become the 14th state in the country to exempt retarded criminals from execution, and would undertake in-depth study of the penalty, under measure that received final Tuesday by Senate.. ... Senate also passed bill that would expand the definition of second-degree..

state senate oks death penalty bill

In reflection of Connecticut's about the penalty, Senate approved compromise bill Thursday night that would make it easier for the state to execute some violent criminals, while sparing the lives of others.. ... Senate dropped provision from the bill that had called for exempting from the..

senate to consider compromise on death penalty

Senate To Consider Compromise On Death Penalty . . April 18, 2001 | By LISA CHEDEKEL; Courant Staff Writer . ... The measure was forwarded to the Senate. . The compromise had some opponents of the death penalty agreeing to accept the tougher rules for police killers, and some supporters..

in impeachment trial, senate becomes courtroom

Baker said any Senate trial would stand stark contrast to the battle that took place in House Judiciary Committee, mainly because of the closer relationships in Senate... ... The process begins when House impeachment managers notify Senate that impeachment articles are..

senate votes to outlaw same-sex marriages

Vice President Al Gore could have broken 50-50 tie in Senate, although Republican-controlled House also would have to approve the measure.. ... It's pre-emptive measure to make sure that handful of judges, cannot impose radical upon the nation, said Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott,..

senate gets tough on crime

It anchored four-bill crime package that passed, fulfilling the vow of Senate leadership to make safety No 1 priority.. ... Here are the highlights of Senate crime package -- STOP mirrors amendment to Constitution that backers have pushed for five years. ..

senate rejects bork 58-42

One of the fiercest battles ever waged over Supreme Court nominee ended yesterday as Senate rejected the nomination of Judge Robert H. ... In his closing remarks on Senate, Thurmond called Bork great judge who would have adorned Supreme Court with honor... ..

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