potus schedule wednesday june 8, 2011 – the 1600 report

The President will head to Northern Virginia to talk about training  students for manufacturing jobs.   In the afternoon he will welcome 2010 BCS National Champions Auburn University to East Room of White House.   Wondering if Robert Gibbs, former Obama press secretary and Auburn fan, .. ..

gassing migrants

Trump administration and its apologists are quick to point out that Barack Obama was as willing as Donald Trump to tear-gas desperate people trying to protect themselves by crossing America's southern border. ..

‘kerry supportive of military action in syria'

Former US secretary of state John Kerry The former secretary of state John Kerry is reportedly absolutely supportive of US President Donald Trump's missile strike on in response to this week's alleged chemical attack in Arab country that Washington blamed on the government.. ..

u.s. won't pull out of afghanistan

WASHINGTON -- President Barack Obama wo not walk away from Afghanistan, White House declared Monday as Obama faced tough decisions -- and administration debate -- over choices that could help define his presidency in his first year as chief. ..


Democratic ...

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