venezuela: still on the brink?

By journalist, Washington April 10, 2019, high level US and South American politicians and military held secret meeting about the strategic next steps to subdue Venezuela, how to regime-change Maduro Government, by 'military options, Max Blumenthal. ..


The women, including rights Loujain al-Hathloul, Hatoon al-Fassi and Eman al-Nafjan, were expected to respond to charges on Wednesday, including some that rights groups say fall under article of the kingdom's cybercrime law stipulating jail sentences of up to five years, Al-Jazeera reported.. ..

this week at state: march 15, 2019

On March, Secretary Pompeo delivered remarks to the press on Venezuela, noting the role that Cuba and Russia have played in undermining the democratic dreams of Venezuelan people and their welfare. ..

trump recognition of rival venezuelan government

Trump January 23 recognition of Venezuela's National Assembly, Juan Guaidó, opposition to the de facto and de jure president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, threatens avalanche of nations recognizing leaders of various political factions in countries around the world as legitimate governments. ..

chew on the hill: october 17

On October 17, International Day for Eradication of Poverty, Moderator Richard Bott will be on Parliament Hill with apples and message for Prime Minister We need stronger, funded strategy to end Canada.. ..


Latin America ...

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