TEHRAN - Iraq's al-Nujaba Movement announced on Wednesday that it will double its efforts to stand against Washington's plots in the region after it was designated by US State Department as terrorist group... ..

‘kurdish independence plan weakens iraq’

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani shakes hands with secretary of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Kosrat Rasul Ali, Tehran on July 17, 2017 Iranian official has warned that plan by Iraq's Kurdistan region to hold referendum will weaken Arab country.. ..

the false ‘nakba’ narrative

Nakba, the magnitude of Palestinian and Arab defeat in the war for Israel's survival, has now become synonym for Palestinian victimhood — with failed aggressors transformed into hapless victims and versa. ..

league criticizes bombing

Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Sunday that U.S expects to turn control of Libya military mission over to coalition -- headed either by French and British or by NATO -- in matter of days... ..

libya no-fly zone gets backing

CAIRO -- The Arab League on Saturday endorsed the imposition of no-fly zone over Libya and recognized the movement seeking to topple Libyan Moammar Gadhafi increasing pressure on Western powers to in what resembles civil war.. ..

iraq says inspectors can return

I have received letter from Iraqi authorities conveying this decision to allow the return of inspectors without conditions to continue their work, adding that Iraqi government also agreed to start immediate discussions on the practical arrangements for the return of the inspectors... ..


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