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The deliberate targeting of educational facilities during armed conflict is war crime., United Nations Assistance Mission Afghanistan said on Friday after bomb detonated near the entrance to Kabul University, in the country's. ..

geneva / human rights council opening

Political crises, wars, transnational organized crime, exclusion and lack of access to justice, constitute clear threats the adequate answers from this Council and from the entire international system for the protection of human rights.. 7. ..

ban makes final call for syria solution

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addresses the session of United Nations General Assembly at the UN headquarters New York on September 20, 2016 UN Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon has called on all parties Syria to lay down their arms and engage peace talks... ..

un chief ‘dismayed’ by nimr execution

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon ©AFP United Nations Secretary General  Ban Ki-moon says he is deeply dismayed by Saudi Arabia's of Shia, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, calling on Riyadh regime to commute all death sentences handed down in the kingdom... ..


It was few weeks fact, it was before Syrian weapons incident that Secretary General of United Nations António Guterres said that Yemen was the humanitarian crisis in the world. ..

ramesh thakur – the conversation

Ramesh Thakur is Director of Centre for Nuclear Nonproliferation and Disarmament, Australian National University, Professor of International Relations in ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy, and Adjunct Professor in Institute of Ethics, Governance and Law at Griffith University. ..


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