crock the vote

Secretary of State Alex Padilla claimed that protocols and “firewalls” would keep ineligibles from voting, but there was room for reasonable doubt. ... Meanwhile, secretary of state Alex Padilla claims accuracy and integrity in elections. ..

who are xi jinping’s enemies?

Similarly, Hu Deping and Hu Dehua, the two sons of late party general secretary Hu Yaobang—a liberal icon within the Party—seem frustrated by President Xi’s anti-reform proclivities. ... A former party secretary of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, Hu warned against..

gassing migrants

After all, lots of people are understandably fleeing terror states in Latin America — terror states the U.S. government helped to create beginning decades ago (including abominations committed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton) — and Trump has staked his political life on “securing the..

what foreign threats? - global researchglobal research

The defection of Trump's Michael Cohen, together with the assumption that lot of anti- Trump dirt will be spilled soon, means that American president had to be even more cautious than ever in any dealings with Moscow and all he needed was nod of approval from National Security Adviser John Bolton and..

why churchill still matters

(Halifax was foreign secretary until Churchill became prime minister and had been widely seen and favoured as his natural successor.) . ... A key figure in this is the ex-UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who clearly sees himself in Churchillian terms and as the natural inheritor of his..

when american warmongers unite

The awardee in 2017 was Senator John McCain, arguably a war criminal, and an incessant cheerleader of the American war state, with other past Liberty medals going to former Secretary of State, 2016 presidential candidate, and serial warmonger Hillary Clinton; General, former chairman of the Joint..

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