what is bernie sanders worried about?

And in the US, we have Senator Bernie Sanders, currently the front-runner to become Democrat Party's in the next election, donning the mantle of peacemaker, in effect offering as human shield for Islamic Republic... ... By most measurements such as economic growth rate, frequency and freedom of..

establishment dems freak out over sanders

Bernie Sanders called out Center for American Progress for smearing him and couple of other Democratic presidential contenders. ... The truth is that CAP and other Democrats are scared stiff of Bernie Sanders and are dead set against him being their Party's nominee. ..

factchecking sanders' cnn town hall

Sanders I'll tell you, it's not just president who said to the working class of this country, I am on your side, I'm not going to cut Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare, and then he came forward with budget, dollar cut to Medicaid, $500 billion to Medicare, and $72 billion to Social Security..

con man bernie sanders for president

Sanders is equivalent of Dem Trojan, con man throughout his career as Burlington, VT, House and Senate member.. ... Massachusetts, Nevada, Arizona, and elsewhere by election-rigging, Sanders endorsed her the most ruthlessly dangerous in US history, instead of denouncing extremism, the..

sanders and the left

In the midst of its Philadelphia convention, Sanders moved to quell revolt of minority of his pledged delegates on the floor. Sanders served as Clinton surrogate, one of whose main tasks was to dissuade his supporters from supporting Green Party's Jill Stein for president.. ..

bernie sanders, israel and the middle east

When Benjamin Netanyahu addressed session of Congress in 2015 with Saddam-like standing ovations from American representatives more fearful of being critical of Israel than standing up to Sanders skipped the speech.. Gaza war seems to have been in Sanders of Israeli- Palestinian..

bernie sanders cannot save us

Sanders joined the bandwagon and voted to adopt the resolution that authorized the President to use United States Armed Forces against anyone involved with the attacks of September 11th, 2001 and any nation that harbors these individuals. ... Sanders must understand the connection. ..

is bernie sanders a socialist?

Sanders supported US-led regime-change operation, spearheaded by neo-Nazis, that overthrew pro-Russian Ukraine and installed anti-Russian, right-wing government. ... The major of Sanders campaign is to divert the growing and hostility toward the existing system behind Democratic Party,..

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