Turkey, which was possession of audio evidence of Khashoggi's murder soon has suggested that bin Salman ordered his killing.. ... Riyadh regime acknowledged the murder and has attempted to shift the blame to bin Salman's underlings and away from the prince himself.. ..


This year could be the year that Gulf states acknowledge their ties to Israel — and that will depend on Gulf's to President Trump's of the peace plan and Mohammed bin Salman's ability to continue the pro- Israel moves.. ... Saudi officials concede that Mohammed bin Salman has..

saudi war on critics

Furor over Khashoggi's murder may be over US UK community believing crown Mohammad bin Salman is too reckless and untrustworthy to lead the kingdom when his father, king Salman, passes.. Reportedly, dozens of ruling family members want in the line of succession — backing Ahmed bin..

saudi arabia admits khashoggi was killed

It's interesting that Donald Trump believes bin Salman, whose country is at the top of the list of human rights abusers and. ... West fell for the idea that crown Mohammed bin Salman would guarantee the advance of in the region, Financial Times laments.. ..


Saudi ...

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