argentina designates hezbollah a terrorist group

The attack by Hezbollah, was the reason why Trump administration slapped sanctions against Salman Raouf Salman, the suspected mastermind and on the ground coordinator behind AMIA bombing, with US Treasury announcing freeze of his assets and million reward for information on his location,..

saudi arabia: religious thinker on trial for his life

Prosecuting al-Maliki for expressing religious ideas appears to contradict Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman's statement October 2017that he wanted to revert the country to Islam open to the world and all religions.. ... Saudi prosecutors are also seeking the penalty against prominent,..

beyond religion conference highlights

She covered the condition of women's rights and civil liberties Saudi Arabia at time when the western press had been celebrating Islamist policies of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.. Personally unsatisfied with the I saw, and outraged at the quickly executing persecution of women's rights..

the dark fate of trump in yemen

Yet, about four years have passed and the result of the presence of Mohammed bin Salman and his mercenaries Yemen has been nothing and the defeat for Saudi Arabia. ... In other hand, Over the past few days, whispers were heard about the vague future of Bin Salman, Saudi, in regional and..


Turkey, which was possession of audio evidence of Khashoggi's murder soon has suggested that bin Salman ordered his killing.. ... Riyadh regime acknowledged the murder and has attempted to shift the blame to bin Salman's underlings and away from the prince himself.. ..


This year could be the year that Gulf states acknowledge their ties to Israel — and that will depend on Gulf's to President Trump's of the peace plan and Mohammed bin Salman's ability to continue the pro- Israel moves.. ... Saudi officials concede that Mohammed bin Salman has..

khashoggi murder ordered from ‘royal circle’

Orders by a member of the royal circle to abduct Saudi Jamal Khashoggi were intercepted by British intelligence, says, adding that they did not emanate directly from Saudi de Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman... ... We know the orders came from member of the royal circle and have no direct..

saudi arabia admits khashoggi was killed

It's interesting that Donald Trump believes bin Salman, whose country is at the top of the list of human rights abusers and. ... West fell for the idea that crown Mohammed bin Salman would guarantee the advance of in the region, Financial Times laments.. ..


Iran - United States ...

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