russia: jehovah’s witness convicted

In December meeting of Russia's Presidential Human Rights Council, in response to question about the prosecution of Jehovah's Witnesses, that people of different faiths should be treated equally. ... Russia, is obligated to protect the rights to freedom of religion and association. ..

adversary russia

For media, it's Russia is and ought to be an adversary of United States.. ... United States meddles egregiously in the affairs of Russia and other former Soviet Republics. ..

russia warns us against intervention in venezuela

Russia against Venezuela. 88 Views. Moscow Thursday warned Washington against military Venezuela saying this would trigger a catastrophic scenario.. Sergei Ryabkov, Russia's Deputy Foreign Minister, said Moscow would stand with Venezuela to protect its sovereignty and the principle of..

russia-gate evidence, please

Russia-gate Evidence, Please LewRockwell. For those interested in evidence, regarding collusion between Russia and the campaign of Donald Trump, we can thank Russia-gate promoters at The New York Times and  CNN for filling in some gaps recent days.. ... Trump was working..

jfk, trump, russia, and the deep state

While the deep state today is investigating whether or not Trump is operating the deep state back then concluded that Kennedy's actions and policies toward Russia and the rest of Soviet Union and the world posed grave threat to U.S national security.. ... From then on, United..

russia and the eu

Nato- Russia Council has met for the in two years, and there was no sign of rapprochement on key issues. ... Russia's Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had accused German authorities of trying to cover up the incident. ..

us waging undeclared war on russia

Attempts by Republicans and Dems to change things to the US over China have not worked, the true for its agenda against Russia and Iran. ... It'll run from Russia's border, below Baltic Sea to Germany, crossing Russian and German waters, along with economic zones of Russia,..

the deep state’s secret war on russia

then we would counsel and assist you in obtaining such jurisdiction and act on your behalf in United Nations, Ukraine, Russia, China, France, United Kingdom, and United States of America.. By operation run by the Past this, there is strong evidence Russia is targeted United States out of..

russia denies meddling in israel’s election

Russia denies meddling Israel's election. 34 Views. The denial of Russian meddling Israel's forthcoming election came from Kremlin Dmitry Peskov on Wednesday, the day after Israel's Shin Beit Nadav Argaman warned that foreign country is preparing to in the campaign. he was referring to..

russia and the liberals

In Communism's heyday, there were limits to what CIA and other Western intelligence services could do in Soviet Union, even in republics far removed from the centers of Soviet power.  ... Then there is the fatuousness of what Russia is supposed to have done.  ..

ukraine creates church independent from russia

Mykhaylo Markiv, Ukrainian Presidential Press Service, AFP Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko sitting during the synod to establish Orthodox from Russia Kiev's Saint Sophia Cathedral on December 15, 2018... ... Ahead of the council, Russia's Patriarch Kirill appealed to Pope, United..

russia behind yellow vest protests in france?

Suggesting it's absurdity on its face Big Lie about Russian Federation, for sure many more to come what Russia bashing is all about. ... The US-installed Kiev regime blamed Russia, saying ehind the back of peaceful protesters, they resort to the organization of riots and..

foreign interventions in revolutionary russia

Article 12 of the armistice authorized German troops to remain Russia, Baltic lands, and elsewhere Eastern Europe as long as they remained useful for the purpose of fighting Bolsheviks. ... And British, Canadians, Americans, Italians, and other foreign troops had to be withdrawn from..

war with russia?

Astonishingly, ment by Post's own Bob Woodward, that, after two years of research, he had found no evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia.. ... o Donbass, Moscow and Kiev have been challenging each other's ships in Sea of Azov, near the newly built bridge connecting Russia with..

neocons want war with russia and china

And this year, Russia completed 12-mile bridge over the strait and Putin drove the first truck across.. Sea of Azov became Russian lake, access to which was controlled by Russia, just as access to Black Sea is controlled by Turkey.. ..

russia is disadvantaged by her belief

The US military complex prefers the risk of war to any diminution of its $1,000 billion, sum that is destined to grow as the presstitutes, in line with the complex, continue to demonize both Russia and Putin and to never question the obvious orchestrations that are used to portray Russia..

un / ukraine russia

The situation is direct consequence of the annexation of Crimea by Russia March 2014 and the construction of Kerch Bridge. ... said the situation is direct consequence of the annexation of Crimea by Russia March 2014 and the construction of Kerch Bridge... ..

anti-russia ukraine provocation

Ukraine shares mile land and border with Russian Federation, Western with the country.. ... The newspaper of record repeated Big Lie about Russia annexing Crimean Peninsula in 2014, its waterways where Sunday incident occurred.. ..

russia in the middle east: introduction

Indeed, the scope of Russia's engagement has galvanized at least some of the upper echelons of the US military and leadership to express open concern about Russia's across Middle East, from Maghreb to Iran and from Sudan and Yemen to Turkey. ... Similarly, political analyst and..

russia infiltrates latin america

Bush and Bill Clinton had promised the Russians that nato would not expand into the former Soviet Union empire. ... It would have rendered Russia indefensible and threatened to destabilize the Russian Federation itself. ..

russia in the middle east

Summary Russia's Syria has allowed Russia to re-emerge to large extent, to the use of power and coercive diplomacy. ... Arab View of Russia's Role in MENA Changing Arab Perceptions of Russia, and the Implications for US Policy. ..

let’s have a war with russia!

The United States seems to be contemplating war with Russia, Iran, China, or all three Washington pushes NATO ever closer to Russia, leaves the treaty and tries to destroy both countries and China economically. ... It would be amusing to see what would happen and this would mean..

russia: police crush peaceful protests

Petersburg, Russia. © 2018 David Frenkel Mediazona Police detained hundreds of peaceful protesters, including older people and children, taking part in demonstrations across Russia on September, today. ... Petersburg, Russia. © 2018 David Frenkel Mediazona The 80-year-old man..

us-russia backed syria truce

The ceasefire that was brokered by United States and Russia last week for South Syria has been viewed as in the right direction. ... The agreement for South Syria was also important because it was the first test of friendship between Russia and United States under Donald Trump. ..

views on role of russia in the region, and the

The survey reveals in these countries, and Greece, over the commitment of U.S to defend them in the event of conflict with Russia. ... Gorbachev, while lionized by some in West for policies that contributed to the end of Cold War and the breakup of Soviet Union, is in much of..

us pounding syria infrastructure: russia

US-led coalition pounding Syria infrastructure, not Daesh-held oil fields Russia. Russian Defense Ministry Major General Igor Konashenkov speaks at briefing at the ministry's headquarters Moscow, Russia, October 20, 2016 Russia has accused US-led coalition of systematically..

russia warns about militants' blowback

And we do not want them to stage something Russia Medvedev said on Saturday.. Late last year, Alexander Bortnikov, the head of Federal Security Service of Russian Federation, known as FSB, revealed that some 2,900 Russians had left the country to join terrorist groups operating..

russia russia russia

Brandon Weichert, Manager of Weichert Report, answers that question by analyzing Russia's transcontinental history along with the current geopolitics of Russian Federation in Middle East and with West.. ..

russia negotiates with terrorists in moscow

Daria Mitina, ex-deputy of State Duma of Russian Federation, granddaughter of the Prime Minister of Afghanistan in 1963-1965, of view on the subject of why Russian government wants to conduct negotiations with terrorists... The Foreign Ministry of Russian Federation has..

russia and italy annoy european union

Diplomatic relations between Russia and Italy have been improving even though EU has been unhappy with Italy's behaviour.  .. ... Russia's Ambassador to Belarus, Mikhail Babich, said that Moscow would treat any military in the affairs of Belarus as attack on Russia... ..

is cyprus abandoning russia?

Russian Maria Zakharova has warned that Russia will not remain idle and tolerate the militarization of the region by using EU- Cyprus as Western military base.. The fact that western oil conglomerates such as Total E&P, Eni Kogas, Noble Energy and Exxon Mobile are drilling for gas inside Cyprus..

has russia perfected multi-media patriotism?

One Sunday in the city of Kazan, the capital of Russia's of Tatarstan, dozens of children milled outside the entrance to glitzy new exhibition about Romanovs, the dynasty that ruled the country for 300 years. ... Orthodox Rus had become Moscow, and with the patronage of both Kremlin and..

russia allying with china

We have been expecting Russia and China to partner up Russia- China axis will lead Asian military bloc that fields larger, than any the world has ever seen.. ... it becomes clear that although Moscow will be at the head of the bloc, Russia will be dependent on its alliance with..

russia: anti-gay purge in chechnya

Many of the men released have fled Chechnya, and while they remain Russia they face the double risk of being hunted down and harmed by Chechen security forces and by their own relatives... Magomed, one of the purge victims, told Human Rights Watch, They have long arms and they can find me and the..

trump’s pivot to russia against china

Nixon's motives were 1 ) to exploit Sino-Soviet split to gain Chinese support against Soviet Union 2 ) to Beijing's help in pressuring its ally, North Vietnam, to agree to temporary cease-fire in Vietnam War to facilitate the withdrawal of U.S troops and 3 ) to help Nixon win in 1972.. .....

-russia tensions escalate in syria

Russia has also accused United States of precipitating the failure of the ceasefire, saying that Washington failed to live up to its commitment to separate Western-backed rebels from al- Qaeda Syria Jabhat al-Nusra. ... Last Friday, the anniversary of Russian, State Department conceded that..

russia, u.s. edge toward economic warfare

Russia and West appear to be moving ever closer to full warfare as U.S and EU leaders prepare new and harsher sanctions on Russian and Russian lawmakers discuss legislation that would give authorities Moscow the ability to eject companies from Russia if they are headquartered in aggressor..

the other russia

By international isolationism, In this column for Yezhednevny Zhurnal, journalist and military Aleksandr Golts sums up Putin's first year of policy upon his third return to the presidency one dominated, in more ways than one,.. ..

russia to lend venezuela money

Russian elite has long believed, then why should not Russia exert its influence closer to American borders.. In November, Russia is expected to dispatch warships, including cruiser, into Venezuela's waters for exercises. ..

no new cold war with russia

It's big, complicated relationship, and it's not one that is anything like the implacable hostility between United States and Soviet Union for half-century after World War II.. ... Russia is not Soviet Union, this is U.S.- Russian relationship, said Rice,..

powell reassures russia on nato

BRUSSELS, Belgium -- NATO welcomed seven new members into Friday, stretching its umbrella to the borders of Russia and prompting Secretary of State Colin Powell to reassure Moscow that it should not feel threatened.. ... Powell, Russia's new minister, ment by Russian parliament, or Duma,..

russia, iran nuclear moves raise tensions

Military experts speculate the change may stem in part from the poor state of readiness of Russia's conventional forces.. ... Among CIA's chief concerns is its inability to track the flow of technology to Tehran, primarily from Russia. ..

new law restricts religion in russia

The Vatican, ment, called the ``far from the spirit and letter of Russia's pledge to respect freedom. ... Russian Orthodox Church leaders say they trying to protect Russia from disaster such as the deadly gas attack on Tokyo by Japanese in 1995 or the suicide of Heaven's Gate California..

orthodox church focuses on russia

-based church has been working for better relations with Russia and its Orthodox Church.. ... And Orthodox Church America has joined other Orthodox churches in loading two C-5 transport planes this year with food and medicines for Russia`s poor and sick.. ..

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