philippines withdraws from icc - jurist - news

the participation of states in Rome Statute and their continued support for ICC is essential to global efforts to ensure accountability and strengthen the international rule of law.. The Republic of Philippines ratified Rome Statute on August 30, 2011, and the statute entered into force..

keeping an eye on january 16 and 17

In tandem with Germany's rise, Trumpet has prophesied the rapid decline of British influence and Europe toward its descent to vassal status under Berlin and Rome's dominance of EU. We have continued to predict that Pope Benedict xvi will work to strengthen right-wing influence in Catholic Church..

police raid catholic headquarters in houston

In op-ed published Monday in Houston Chronicle, DiNardo had spent the past two months at Vatican Rome... While Rome, I met twice with Holy Father to share with him the universal desire of my brother bishops in United States to action taken to ensure that Church figures at any level. ..

italy challenges europe with budget plans

Italian Deputy Premier and Labor Minister Luigi Di Maio smiles outside Rome's Chigi Palace government headquarters on Tuesday, Nov 13, 2018. Today, Italy is ground zero of European crisis, said Yanis Varoufakis, Greek economist, academic and politician at recent news conference Rome.. ..


new book examines the origins of the church, in which we assume that the bishop of Rome writes encyclicals, convokes councils, and declares saints. ... series of reported reflections from Rome, where bishops and young people gathering this October to discuss the future of the church. ..

the greek dark age

We seem to focus on the fall of Rome, and not the catastrophic collapse of Bronze Age.. ( as of 03 55 EDT -... The economy of city-states that dominated Aegean and Anatolia region, simply disintegrated much like Rome whereby people abandoned cities and formed small isolated village..

vatican ii

series of reported reflections from Rome, where bishops and young people gathering this October to discuss the future of the church. new book examines the origins of the church, in which we assume that the bishop of Rome writes encyclicals, convokes councils, and declares saints. ..

‘europe must rehab militant returnees’

EU Gilles de Kerchove attends Mediterranean Dialogues, conference on in Mediterranean, in Italian Rome, December 11, 2015 Europe needs to figure out ways to rehabilitate people returning from Syria. EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator  Gilles de Kerchove made the remark at Mediterranean Dialogues,..

the global catholic population

Catholic Church includes the body of churches in full communion with the bishop of Rome, the pope. ... Estimates for the number of Catholics in this report also include members of some relatively Catholic groups that are not in with the bishop of Rome.. ..

rome: sex & freedom

By sense of continuity between, Here the sense of intimacy with the world had been fostered Roman civilization and Catholic Church, seen as the successor of all that had been great and good Rome. ..

ancient history

Alan explores the class forces ancient civilisations, the role of the in history, the falsehood of 'objective history, and the contradictions underpinning slave society that were the reason for Rome's descent and decline. He then relates the lessons of the world to capitalist society, which like..

10 crazy catholic conspiracy theories

For example, It's not against Americans of South, alone, I am fighting, it's more against Pope of Rome, his Jesuits and their blind and blood-thirsty slaves, that we have to defend ourselves.. ... Jesuits also act Council on Foreign Relations, Mafia, the Club of Rome, Opus Dei,..

icc: the court of last resort

. © 2011 Reuters July 1 marks the anniversary of the entry into force of Rome Statute of International Criminal Court , the permanent international court with mandate to investigate, charge, and try people suspected of genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes worldwide. ... At..

a bounty for blair’s arrest – george monbiot

The Rome Statute, provides for the Court to exercise jurisdiction over the crime of aggression., once it has decided how the crime should be defined and prosecuted .. The governments which ratified Rome Statute have been filibustering furiously to delay the point at. ..


The eyes of much of the world were on Rome, and millions looked to Moscow as the ideological and Marxism as the secular religion. ... He visited Rome, prayed with Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury at Canterbury Cathedral England, met with Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew I, visited World..

u.n. to debate worldwide criminal tribunal

ROME - — In one of the most ambitious efforts ever undertaken to extend the rule of law, United Nations will open today to thrash out rules for international court to prosecute crimes against humanity.. ... The Italian government, which is spending $3 million to sponsor the event, and the city..

catholic church on verge of new era

ROME — High above Lake Albano, with panoramic view of Rome, Pope John Paul II and Chicago Cardinal Joseph Bernardin made getaway recently at the papal villa at Castel Gandolfo, where they briefly could lay aside the constant demands of governing the church and talk about matters of the..

new cardinals help pope direct future of church

ROME — Pope John Paul II appointed 30 new cardinals Sunday, cementing his influence on the uppermost ranks of Roman Catholic Church for years to come and broadening the field of possible successors.. ... Peter's Square, Sunday that he will summon the existing cardinals to Rome on Nov 26..

pope washes priests` feet in church rite

ROME, ITALY — Pope John Paul II, re-enacting tradition, washed the feet of 12 elderly priests Thursday to commemorate Last Supper of Christ and his apostles on the eve of the crucifixion.. ... But this year`s group consisted of elderly priests from Rome churches ranging in age from 62..

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