visegrad: a new european military force

Pilsudski proposed alliance stretching from Baltic Sea to Black Sea and encompassing the countries to the west of Carpathians — Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. The low-level tension between Hungary and Romania over the status of Hungarians Romania makes that..

romania president wants liberals to form government

Romania's on Friday was preparing to nominate minister from the centre-right party to lead the poor, corruption-plagued EU after parliament toppled the beleaguered left-wing government.. ... President Klaus Iohannis must nominate successor to Dancila after her lost confidence vote as..

abortion might not cut crime rates after all

Using data from the rise and fall of Romania, that abortion's effect on crime is minimal, once its effect on population size is accounted for.. ... The two nations abortion regimes are also different, with abortion being Romania only through the 14 weeks, compared to 20+ weeks in United..

presstv-romania: no decision to move israel embassy to

State Secretary in Romanian Foreign Ministry Maria Magdalena Grigore says her country is committed to its historic position and that of European Union on Israeli Palestinian and the so-called two-state solution, that Budapest is planning to move its Israel from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem al-Quds.. ..

romania backs president's justice reform gamble

At the time as the vote, Iohannis launched referendum asking citizens to choose whether they wanted to stop the rollback of Romania's justice reforms favoured by PSD.. 'You voted for correct politics, for justice and for government for Romanians and Romania, said the president.. ..

romania faces major defense hurdles in 2019

Since 2017, Romania has been unable to reach this spending target in practice, despite appropriating the necessary funds in 2017 and in 2018. ... Defense Minister Leș has confirmed that, in the short term, Romania will acquire five more F-16s and that the fleet of MiG-21s will be kept in..

romania says political infighting won't hamper its eu

In its first stint at the helm of European Union, Romania faces Brexit March, European Parliament elections May and tough talks on the next long-term EU budget.. ... The chairman of European leaders Donald Tusk was up to Romania to show or dire warning for EU struggling with the rise of..

eu takes aim at romania over rule of law

Outrage over corruption and the proposed changes led to massive demonstrations Bucharest August, the largest protests since the fall of Romania's in 1989. ... We need to respect the democratic choices of Romania, said Nicolas Bay, leader of Europe of Nations and Freedom Group. ..

romania celebrates day of national anthem

President Klaus Iohannis says that in the year of celebration of Greater Union Centennial the marking of the Day of National Anthem is occasion to renewing the commitment for the strengthening of strong, European Romania, and to reaffirming the attachment to the principles of democracy and rule of..

nato warms up to eastern europe

BUCHAREST, Romania -- ago, the idea that Romania and Bulgaria might join NATO this autumn in the next round of enlargement seemed laughable, and many thought the aspirations of Baltic nations for NATO membership might be held hostage again to relations with Moscow.. ... Armitage on Monday..

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