ocean county republicans elect a new political boss

Holman III, certified accountant whose ancestors helped establish Ocean County in the century, was elected the chairman of its Republican Party —  an office that transforms him into one of GOP figures New Jersey.. ... Holman Jr., served on Jackson Township Committee from 1961 to 1967, serving..

ivy league democrats and state school republicans

The top three Republican schools are state public institutions University of Texas, Austin, Ohio State University, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. The rest of the in Republican top twenty are mix of public and private institutions, schools such as George Mason, University of..

republicans on health care: do vast harm

Attorney General William Barr, Republican, told appeals court that his predecessor, Jeff Sessions, did not go far enough stuff like asthma, diabetes and blood pressure.. ... In Idaho, Republican-controlled House decided to require those to whom Medicaid would be extended to buy insurance..

why republicans are wrong

Republicans have been provoking threats from Iran and trying to revive the relationship with Russia.. * Republicans are the party of the complex, so. ... Republican government is group that includes tax dodgers, polluters, corporate supremacists, Neocon war mongers,..

have republicans given up on winning black voters?

The Farr nomination led to public scolding of GOP by one of its own, South Carolina's Tim Scott, the only black Republican in Senate. ... After he returned to Texas, conservatives disowned his political style and approach Then, during Barack Obama's presidency, more anti-establishment wing of..

republicans need more women in office

Earlier this year, about the potential for Republican Party to end the Year of Woman 2.0 with Congress than it started with, and sure enough, the ranks of Republican in House have been cut in half.. ... The number of Republicans say that encouraging more qualified and talented..

do white women always vote for republicans?

Then, with prodding from his rival, New York Nelson Rockefeller, at GOP convention July 1960 Nixon used his influence as the nominee to strengthen Republican rights plank so it matched the one adopted earlier by Democratic convention.. ... The ERA did pass Senate in 1953, with greater support..

republicans have a woman problem

Graham and others on the women voters would see their fathers, husbands, brothers and sons Kavanaugh, and side with Republicans aiming to protect men facing accusations of sexual assault.. ... That Republicans kept Senate is factor of the particular electoral map of 2018 most Senate..

us: midterm elections weaken republicans

These centrist approaches by Democrats were effective to differing degrees and also reveal the leadership's very limited in response to Republican onslaught and the desire of their own electoral base to defeat the agenda of the right. Showing how out of touch they are, Nancy Pelosi who may well..

michigan republicans cling to state house, senate

Other Democrats who won seats held by term-limited Republicans included Mari Manoogian of Birmingham in District, and Angela Witwer Eaton County's 71st District.. ... Republicans flipped open seat in District, where Gregory Markkanen of Hancock upset Democrat Ken Summers of Baraga.. ..

republicans control poorest states

Nine of the poorest states also have Republican governors.. Six of the 10 states with the median incomes are controlled by Democratic legislatures and six also elected Republican governors. Senate and governorship in eight of the states where people make the money, in the 10 that is..

are republicans born wimps?

Thursday, Senator Lindsey Graham had been Republican lion of the hearing, indicting Democrats for the atrocity they had perpetrated against the judge.. ... To me Democrats are the evil party and Republicans are the stupid party, this is why the establishment loves today's two party..

why do republicans hate women?

In memoir entitled Republican War Against Women Insider's Report from Behind Lines, Tanya Melich, Republican consultant, wrote about the incorporation of the movement and the opposition to Equal Rights Amendment by Republicans as diverging from feminist causes and concerns.. ... ..

both democrats, republicans face public criticism

But as in the past, more say Democratic Party cares about the middle class than say that about Republican Party. ... For example, about two-thirds of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents say their party has high ethical standards, while about the same share of Republicans and..

globalist republicans pounce on rand paul

Council on Foreign Relations is elitist cabal of globalists that has dominated the presidential administrations of both Democrats and Republicans for much of Twentieth Century.. ... There is no doubt that had not Tea-Party Republicans defeated House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in..

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