the first black republican feminist?

The first black Republican feminist? . Jewish World Review, by Stephen Carter . ... FTA: 'Eunice's Republican Party was not the party of today. She was born in 1899, and for most of her life the Republican Party was the pro-civil rights side.' ..

republican national committee and california

Republican National Committee and California Republican Party File Lawsuit Against New California Ballot Access Restriction... On August, National Republican Committee, California Republican Party, and three Republican voters filed lawsuit against California law..

the loss of republican principle

At noon on August,   Goldwater, Scott, and Rhodes went to White House and informed President that he had lost support among his own Republican colleagues. ... If anything, he is more subservient to Trump than former Republican and Speaker of House Paul Ryan in the first two years of..

vice president pence remarks to the republican jewish

Vice President Pence Remarks to Republican Jewish Coalition 2019-04-06T17 00 00-04 00 https images.c-span org Files 9a6 1500053710.jpg Vice President Mike Pence speaks to Republican Jewish Coalition Las Vegas. ... February 16, 2018 Vice President Remarks to Republican National..

the return of the inexplicable republican best friend

Republican Ed Goeas says he has warned many of my Democratic friends that they are facing something in Democratic Party much like what we faced with Tea Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has seen recent surge in Inexplicable Republican Best Friend, specific genre of concern-trolling..

mitch mcconnell, republican nihilist

McConnell came of age in national politics at time of turmoil within Republican Party, as the rise of conservative ideologue Barry Goldwater threatened the long-standing control of the party by its moderate wing. ... I think my in Republican administration, is to achieve as much as I..

the republican president who alienated republicans

where he and his wife moved after getting married, he made name for as speaker and rose Republican Party circles. For Republican strategists seeking candidate to challenge Democratic President Grover Cleveland in the election, however, Harrison had assets that outweighed his stiffness..

preparing for a republican comeback?

As of July, Democratic campaign committees and House members considered the most vulnerable to losing to GOP candidates held significant cash advantage over Republican opponents, according to Federal Election Commission figures. ..

rep. john duncan on becoming an antiwar republican

Included with the article is video of interview with Duncan in which he describes how he developed into sort of Republican in the process of examining US military actions Iraq and experiencing pressure from successive presidential administrations to support that intervention and its escalation.. ..

republican candidates take swing at labor

Thursday by Republican David Stemerman to cut the ranks of state employees, services, and force employees and retirees to accept smaller pensions is the latest sign of Connecticut Republican Party's comfort in engaging public-sector unions in open warfare.. ... STAMFORD — Bob..

democratic and republican government

Article IV guaranteed every state 'Republican Form of Government, as Preamble word 'people, demos, in turn underlay the word 'democracy.. ... There were enduring policy differences between the two parties around questions such and both claimed, in republican fashion, that their favored..

republican bankroll taints green party hopefuls

But for Green Party supporters -- who are anti-war and pro-choice -- and many Democrats, the acceptance of money from Republican stalwarts is controversial. ... He asked Browne why she was willing to take votes away from Democrat and help support continued Republican control of U.S. ..

john m. shriver, republican

I enjoy helping people and would like to serve another term, Shriver, 56, Republican, said in written release.. ... From 1982 to 1994, Shriver served on the Washington County Republican Central Committee, and served as chairman from 1986 through 1994... ..

candidate forces republican primary

Next Republican primary has some local party members nervous they could face repeat of the selectman's race two years ago, when Republican primary cleared the way for Democrat to win the selectman's seat.. ... Democrats hope Republican primary gives Manko, Madison, chance to..

candidate plans to seek republican primary

Metsack, Republican who was endorsed at Democratic caucus Monday for spot on the police commission, failed to get the backing of GOP caucus Tuesday. ... Metsack and Francis Piascenti were nominated from the floor at Republican caucus to challenge the committee-endorsed candidates Grant..

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