how did president reagan deal with violent radicals in his

Nor would President Reagan have had the hesitation to express both sympathy and empathy to for Muslim victims of Christchurch.  . ... By the bromides of the populists or the voices of racism and division, Americans may for time be entranced, and it soon passes and version of Reagan's..

a friendship that changed history

He told me, The story of the century was atheistic, Soviet Communism, Reagan and John Paul II, lived it. ... The faith of Reagan and of John Paul II helped bring about the chain of events that led to the undoing of the empire. ..

how reagan armed saddam with chemical weapons

., NYT revealed that in the 1980s, the administration of US President Ronald Reagan covertly provided battle planning assistance at time when American intelligence knew that Iraqi commanders would employ chemical weapons in waging the decisive battles of Iran- Iraq war.. ... What concerned DIA,..

what does william barr have to do with iran contra?

Most notably, Barr railed publicly against long running independent counsel investigation of Reagan- Bush administration and he supported President Bush's last minute pardon of Caspar Weinberger, Reagan's former secretary. ... There is no doubt that Bush, as president, was aware of and..

the catholic left returnsthe american spectator

  Released just two months The Challenge of Peace was direct attack on Reagan's desire to win Cold War peacefully through in the arms race, flavored with the incense of the movement, calls one of the greatest curses on the human race... One of the key elements holding this coalition was..

george h.w. bush dead at 94

From left, Presidents Bush, Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon stand together at the dedication of Ronald Reagan Library in 1991. ... With Reagan set to leave in 1989, with his popularity ratings on high, the nomination and the presidency... ..

jfk assassination @ 55

There have been three American presidents during my lifetime, and each was Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump. ... Reagan once said that he had not left Democratic Party, Democratic Party had left him. ..

europe's war on free speech continues

September, shortly Reagan blamed the debacle on Carter CIA cutbacks. But Mondale's criticisms of Reagan failures Lebanon were strident than Reagan's criticisms of Jimmy Carter for Iran hostage crisis during the 1980 presidential campaign.. ..

loveable dingbats or hateful warmongers?

and even being Democrat in the 1940s, Reagan decided to throw his support behind anti-Communist witch hunt of the 1950s and of the era of New Deal liberalism that came before.. ... In other words, Reagan's crimes had come full circle--from war on Sandinistas, to hypocrisy with Iran, to..

too slow on judicial nominees

But the time that happened, Ronald Reagan nominated 20 judges as of October 1 of his first office. ... Presidents Bush and Reagan reversed that trend, increasing the already extremely high percentage of white male judges. ..

the supreme court cuts back

Reagan-Bush appointees, plus present vacancies, add up to majorities in every circuit and one -- and in that one, 14 of the 28 judges are Reagan-Bush appointees and 15th judge is Richard Nixon appointee. The Fourth Circuit, will soon have eight Reagan-Bush judges, plus one..

fsu meteorology student takes weather world by storm

Reagan was intent on working FSU's studio and providing the latest and best information about Hurricane Hermine, the first hurricane to blast through Tallahassee in 31 years.. ... Suddenly Reagan's # Hermine tweets were on the radar of people around the world looking for the information..

michael reagan

Michael Reagan is organizer with Seattle Solidarity Network and student at University of Washington where he studies the history of. ..

in pictures: president george h.w. bush

Bushes stand with Republican Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy, in 1980. ... From left, Presidents Bush, Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and Richard Nixon stand together at the dedication of Ronald Reagan Library in 1991. ..

march 2012 – consortiumnews

Exclusive Ronald Reagan's Solicitor General Charles Fried sees politics, politics, politics at play in the apparent move by Supreme Court's Republican majority to kill health-care reform, and Washington Post's neocon editors say it's unfair to call any of.. ..

reagan his place in history

he had seen Communist attempts to take over Hollywood crafts unions when the guild's position on these turf wars shifted from neutral to anti- Communist, Reagan got anonymous phone call on movie set threatening that his face would be fix.. ..

police get break in murder case

White went from old suspect to defendant on Wednesday, when Reagan arrested him Roanoke as fugitive from justice on homicide charge Easton. ... Reagan had lot of help from his department, Pennsylvania State Police, the office and state and local police Virginia. ..

ortega stood ground against reagan at un

Everywhere he went, he discussed Central America peace plan that is supposed to take effect on Nov 7, trying to refute the positions of Reagan administration. ... The day, Ortega was cheered at United Nations, venue for Washington- bashing, when he accused Reagan of ignoring the wishes..

reagan faces dilemma on s. africa sanctions

The administration's response is to come in Reagan must make to Congress by Friday, may be delayed until next week. ... The administration has undertaken legal study of whether Congress can require Reagan to impose new sanctions, that the provision is not binding on Reagan. ..

reagan meeting splits afghan rebel leaders

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- Two Afghan leaders on Tuesday rebuked four other guerrilla chiefs for Washington with President Reagan, in. ... In Afghan of Kabul, Marxist government criticized Reagan for meeting with the guerrillas and said United States supports terrorism.. ..


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