quebec government passes state 'secularism' bill that

This new law offers the people of Quebec the opportunity to enshrine secularism, Quebec's laws and in its Charter of Rights and Freedoms, said Simon Jolin-Barrette, Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusiveness, during committee hearings at National Assembly.. ... While there are..

quebec bans religious symbols on job

Quebec government has been seeking to tighten immigration, and has also raised the idea of testing immigrants to ensure they espouse Quebec's values as prerequisite for gaining in the province.. ... In the 1960s, Quebec experienced social and revolt known as Quiet Revolution,..

religious symbols proposal ignites fiery debate in quebec

proposal to ban many public employees from wearing religious symbols is creating fiery debate in Canadian of Quebec, where people fighting to practice their religion - or to be free of it.. It would apply to Sikh turbans, Christian and Jewish kippahs, and the focus of the controversy has been over..


By their members and staffs, Quebec's Bar had also been lying and covering crimes done. Quebec protect the criminals. Please do support me and boycott the province of Quebec, the most corrupted Canada.. ..

a new party in canada

In 1970, PQ was the first party advocating for the transformation of Québec provincial state into sovereign country to elect members into Québec Parliament since the rebellions of the 1830s. ... For example, QS is the only party Québec to endorse Boycott, Divestment, and..

polls predict quebec elections likely to end in hung

Polls predict Quebec elections likely to end in hung parliament. Opinion polls suggest no party will win Monday's Quebec provincial election.. At the campaign's outset, Coalition Avenir Québec had more which has governed Quebec for except 18 months of the 15 years. ..

does québec need the arctic council?

The relationship between Canadian and Icelandic government was solidified, leading to the development of Arctic Circle Forum on Sustainable Development hosted Québec City December 2016. ... Ensuring that conversations between Québec and Nunavimmiut are productive exchanges, and not..

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