poland’s rebel women

The problem of Polish woman is Polish man he is the depositary of the national colours, and his most exaggerated and version is that of the 'hooligan or 'thug It's men. Polish today is in the face of the dominance of Polish male patriot. ..

polish culpability in the holocaust?

According to Polish government sources, the reason for the cancelation was due to comments made by Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, alleging Polish in the murder of three Polish Jews during Holocaust.. ... History however, cannot ignore the collaboration of Catholic..

i love poland

Poland in the words of Staszek Krajewski, father of Polish Jewish renaissance. Polish martyrs the million murdered Polish Jews, Poland Poland where my liberal friends. ..

polish church asks for forgiveness for paedophilia cases

The Polish court of upheld last month landmark ruling granting million zloty compensation to victim of sexual abuse by Catholic priest, accepting that Church was responsible... We ask God, the victims of abuse, their families and Church for forgiveness for all the harm done to children and young..

warsaw mayor bans far-right independence march

worker cleans statue depicting Polish President Lech Kaczynski Poland, Wednesday Nov 7, 2018. ... WARSAW, Poland — The mayor of Warsaw banned march that radical Polish nationalists planned to hold to coincide with the centennial of Polish independence, saying Wednesday she made..

jews, poles & nazis: the terrible history

The condition of Polish Jews became pressing question for the government and Home Army when Germans began to gas Jews in the final weeks of 1941. Polish London, gave the murder of Jews as reason for British and Americans to carry out retributions against German civilians. ..

polish democracy's last days?

Following the example of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his Fidesz Party, Poland's new government, led by the Law and Justice party, has launched assaults on the judiciary and media, putting Polish and the rule of law at risk. ..

september 1939: behind the stalinazi pact

In order to explode, as publicly, as sensationally, as thoroughly as possible, any Polish that Hitlerite would encounter Polish army, and the joint armed resistance of England and France on the one side, and Soviet Union on the other.. ... By military force over millions of people of..

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