poland: arrest over lgbtqi+ themed virgin mary

By insulting religious object or place of worship, Under Article 196 of Poland's criminal code, person who offends the religious feelings of others may face up to two years in prison.. ... The government and Catholic Church Poland have been in censuring the concepts of gender and..

sex education under fire again in poland

Marchers carry flag during the pride parade Warsaw, Poland, Saturday, June 13, 2015.. In apparent attempt to boost its ahead of upcoming elections, Poland's ruling Law and Justice Party is once again scapegoating lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people and sexual and health. ..

jewish leader in poland defends bid to replace head of

We hope that the candidate will be identified, the chairwoman-elect of Union of  Jewish Religious Communities in  Poland, Monika Krawczyk, wrote Thursday in email to Jewish Telegraphic Agency.. ... Many very competent people, including members of Jewish Community Poland, will have..

i love poland

I love Poland of Pope John Paul II, the greatest friend we've ever had in Catholic Church — not despite the fact that he was Polish, except because he grew up Poland with Jewish friends. ... Polish martyrs the million murdered Polish Jews, Poland Poland where my..

attacks on women’s rights in poland

In December 2017, European Commission triggered Article of European Union over the risk of breach to the rule of law and EU values Poland, following the adoption of 13 laws that undermined the entire judiciary.. ... In September 2017, Poland's Council of Ministers adopted law..

poland: women’s rights activists targeted

Human Rights Watch interviewed 30 activists, representatives of nongovernmental organizations, and participants in or supporters of women's rights issues and protests across Poland, and government officials.. ... European Union and its member states should hold Poland to account for..

poland and the holocaust

It's important to remember too that in Poland Nazis ordered the automatic death sentence for anyone caught trying to help Jews, and the penalty was extended to the family and even neighbours of any rescuer — penalty that only existed Poland. courier of Polish émigré London, Jan..

presstv-thousands in poland mourn liberal mayor

According to local press reports, Adamowicz had long been the target of hate Poland's far-right circles for his liberal views and defense of refugees. ... In Gdansk, the flag was lowered to half-mast, and mass was planned for later on Tuesday as the assassination of the mayor, sent shock waves..

events in the church in poland in 2018 - zenit

'The celebrations of the anniversary of Poland regaining independence with the participation of Church and state authorities continued throughout the whole year... 2018 abounded Church events that have already entered into the history of Church Poland. Church thanksgiving for..

poland risks controversy on independence centenary

Underscoring Poland's growing in European Union no senior delegations from fellow EU states are due to show up for the centenary coinciding with Armistice that ended World War I.. By introducing string of controversial judicial reforms that, The government has put Poland on collision..

russia blasts nato drills in poland

Russia vows response to NATO military drills Poland. At joint news conference with his Finnish, Timo Soini, Moscow on Monday, Kremlin is worried about the movement of NATO towards Russia's borders.. This comes involving some 31,000 troops from Poland, the US, and 17 other NATO nations. ..

eu takes poland to court over judicial crackdown

EU takes Poland to court over judicial crackdown... The European Commission has asked EU's top court to rule on whether Poland has violated the principle of judicial independence in response to crackdown on Polish Supreme Court that critics say undermines the country's checks and..

europe's authoritarian equilibrium

On Wednesday, December, European Commission took historic step to defend the rule of Poland. ... Commission's defense of rule of Poland is welcome move. Politics, however, may yet prevent EU from taking more decisive steps to prevent Poland from sliding down the path to..


Polish government's plans to reform Supreme Court, also have significant potential consequences for freedom, Polish journalists and media experts say.. - July 2017... ..

polish democracy's last days?

In Poland's political crisis, European Union is reaping the consequences of its inaction against Hungary's drift toward authoritarianism over the past five years. ... The current crisis began with illegal move by Poland's government, led by Civic Platform party, to exert influence over..

poland wants a say on german reunification

Speaking at the end of visit to Britain, Mazowiecki called for the formula for negotiating German reunification, agreed to Ottawa Tuesday, to be supplemented by Poland. ... It's natural that Poland definitely must be present, said Mazowiecki, adding that Poland would not be..


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