shocking anti-semitism in public schools

The students ordered the Jewish boy to bow down and kiss the feet of a Muslim student or else be beaten up (see above photo). . The Jewish boy did bow and kiss his classmate’s feet. The humiliating encounter was filmed and shared widely on social media for months. ..

what does it mean to be genetically jewish?

Farber, is the director of Itim, Jewish Life Information Center, organization that helps Israeli Jews navigate state-administered matters of Jewish life, like marriage and conversion. Photograph Boris Shindler Boris Shindler, activist and member of Russian speaking community,..

new york declares measles emergency

vial of measles, sheet is seen at Boston Children's Hospital Boston - Photo Brian Snyder REUTERS. Brooklyn, primarily among Orthodox Jewish children, prompted New York City to declare emergency, requiring unvaccinated people in the affected areas to get the vaccine or face fines measles..

foreign people = foreign values

Photo Credit: Jewish Press . . . Given the constantly reiterated left-wing charge that opposition to massive immigration is racist and xenophobic, it is important to restate the truth: The reason for opposition to mass immigration into the United States – from almost anywhere in the world,..

the german reparations question

Photo Credit: Jewish Press . . . The debate regarding legal actions that could be initiated against Germany began soon after World War II, as Jewish organizations argued vigorously that the Jews had the legal and moral right to damages for losses sustained during the Holocaust. . ..

the jewish history of afghanistan

Mashiach Gul and Daniel Gul president of Afghan Jewish community in Palestine, 1917 . (Israel National Photo Collection) . The Jewish population was decimated by the Mongol invasion of 1222. ..

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