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the ecological repercussions are supposed to hit North the hardest, the scenario provided by Pentagon report with respect to instability and war follows conventional ideological paths, focusing on the South. For Pentagon, the answer to all of these dangers would seem to be..

russia, us to coordinate syria operations

Konashenkov dismissed the allegation, saying Russian military had warned US in advance about the planned strike, and Pentagon had failed to provide coordinates.. Russian military, he said, ation about locations of various forces involved in military Syria and Pentagon has not been..

has obama upheld the law?

That includes CIA and Pentagon officials who cooperated in Zero Dark Thirty and were criticized by Pentagon's inspector general for unauthorized disclosures, and former vice-chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff who became prime suspect as source for reporting about the cyberattack on Iranian..

'the secret way to war': an exchange

On October 11, 2001, that less than month after September 11 attacks Pentagon officials. Then, on February 13, 2002, nearly six months Knight Ridder reported that President Bush had decided to oust Saddam Hussein and had ordered CIA, Pentagon, and other agencies to devise combination of..

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