bony ear growths found in skeletons from panama

Bony Ear Growths Found in Skeletons From Panama... WASHINGTON, D.C — reports that Nicole Smith-Guzmán of Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute and her colleagues examined 125 skulls from nine pre-Columbian burial sites Panama, and found bony growths in the ear canals of seven men and..

chinese president arrives in panama for state visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived Panama City on Sunday for state visit to Panama, the first of its kind since China and Central American country established diplomatic relations June 2017... ... Xi arrived Panama City where he attended the 13th Group of 20 summit and paid..

rodriguez v. velez-pagan

Plaintiffs argue that the vehicle given to Velez-Pagan while assigned to the Embassy was not under the sovereignty of Panama except under the control of United States.. ... Similarly, United States alleged decisions to deploy Velez-Pagan to Panama, to provide him with vehicle, and to..


In countries such as Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Panama and Colombia, drug cartels, gangs and death-and-torture squads have murdered countless opponents of the illegal drug trade including judges, journalists, political candidates and other citizens.. For example, American pursuit and capture of the..

how television sold the panama invasion

United States wanted help for the Contras U.S government would turn blind eye to money-laundering and setbacks to Panama... ... Opposition Leader Panama Rejects Peace Offer from Noriega, Reuters quoted the general through constant psychological and military harassment, of..

latin leaders agree to revive peace try

Cerezo, Salvadoran President Jose Napoleon Duarte, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and Honduran President-elect Jose Azcona Hoyo met for about hour with representatives of Contadora nations -- Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and Colombia -- and Contadora support group.. ... The five nations also..

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