never again: what about the palestinians?

Never Again What about Palestinians. by Kim Petersen July 22nd, 2019 concentration camp guarded compound for the detention or imprisonment of aliens, members of ethnic minorities, political opponents, etc., especially any of the camps established by Nazis prior to and during World War II for the..

palestinians: forever refugees

Palestinians were forced into exile and refugee status during Nakba in 1948, when Zionist and terrorist groups forced 750,000 Palestinians from their homes and destroyed 531 villages to make way for the new state of Israel. ... Little is known, however, of the plunder and looting of..

presstv-'us report shows trump hostility towards

Palestinian Foreign Ministry has condemned United States over its decision to drop Israeli-occupied in describing Golan Heights and Palestinian territories in its latest human rights report, stating that the measure is tantamount to Washington's towards Palestinians... ... ..

israel kills palestinians in gaza, west bank

Ashraf Amra APA images Israeli occupation forces killed one Palestinian as they responded to unarmed protesters Gaza with lethal force for the 50th Friday of demonstrations held under the banner of the Great March of Return.. ... Al Mezan stated that Israeli occupation forces use tear gas..

palestinians gain more control on the temple mount

Last Thursday, the quo on Temple Mount was changed Jordan admitted several high-level Palestinian officials to the Islamic Waqf, the organization that oversees the day-to-day running of the religious compound.. ... By embarking on moves like the one to reopen the, Reporting on the debacle, Israeli..

israelis and palestinians: conflict & resolution

Rather, the data are human the two national groups that are involved in the conflict, and that will continue to exist for time to come Palestinian Arabs and Israeli Hebrews. ... Palestine Royal Commission of Inquiry, headed by Lord Peel, was set up by British in 1936, following the outbreak of..

so why can't the palestinians vote?

As explained earlier, Israeli policy is make full citizenship to Jerusalem Palestinians. Contrast the million disenfranchised Palestinians living Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian refugee camps with naturalized Palestinians living in far-flung and vibrant communities including..

palestinians vent anger at u.s.

Palestinian at United States has been growing over the past few years as Palestinians blame U.S for the lack of peace negotiations.. ... There are other issues, including the right of return for Palestinian refugees. ..

palestinians condemn israeli building plan

The Quartet proposal calls on Israelis and Palestinians to refrain from provocative actions. We have maintained all along that each side in the dispute between Palestinians and Israelis should take steps that bring them closer to direct negotiations to resolve the issues that stand in..

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