jesus was a jew, not a palestinian

Indeed, that the cross above Jesus head bore 'INRI 'Iesvs Nazarenvs Rex Ivdaeorvm, which means Jesus of Nazareth King of Jews Latin.. If Jesus was not Jew, except Palestinian, then that serves political end, as it calls into question the legitimacy of Jewish to Holy Land while..

how the right has tried to rebrand anti-semitism

Israel still enjoys baseline of strong support among American Jews, they also lean Democratic, and are more critical of Trump's handling of Israeli- Palestinian relations than, fact, American Christians are. ... In contrast, Netanyahu last week took false accusations of anti-Semitism to..

the jewish case for open borders

It would deracialize Israeli Palestinian identity and recognize instead the diversity of people living between Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea — from Arab Christians to Palestinian Jews to Druze to other groups with ancestral connections all over Europe and Asia. ..

ron desantis challenges the bds movement

By insisting that there is something inherently criminal about, Second, and perhaps more, Jewish Judea and Samaria, the cradle of Jewish, BDS campaign legitimizes Palestinian view that Jews are not nation and have no right to self-determination.. Explaining Palestinian refusal..

the camel's nose is in the tent -

The Palestinian Jews reluctantly accepted this truncated state as a desperately needed refuge for the surviving Jewish remnant after the Holocaust, and also for the 800,000 Jewish refugees in 1947/48 who were being cruelly driven from their ancient homes throughout the Arab world. ..

why a one-state solution is anti-jewish

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib has called for single state to replace State of Israel with equality and justice for Jews and Palestinians including Palestinian refugees now living in other countries, with no discrimination against people based on their faith or skin color.. ... There is not..

palestinian cleric: martyrs killed by jews get

Palestinian Cleric Nasser Maarouf Martyr Killed by Jews Receives Double Reward Jihad must be Continued, Abandoning It Causes Discord. Sheikh Nasser Maarouf of  the Palestine Islamic Scholars Association said that that Palestinian mujahideen have the advantage of waging Jihad..

pnc member: europeans wanted to get rid of the jews

PNC Member Najib Al-Qaddoumi Balfour Declaration Emerged from European Will to Get Rid of Jews. Palestinian National Council Najib Al-Qaddoumi said that prior to Balfour Declaration, Jews Europe knew nothing and how to make money through trade, schemes, corruption, and so on.. ..

stephen m. flatow /

JNS org - Ahed Tamimi, Palestinian teenager jailed for assaulting Israeli soldier, says that she supports violence against Jews and seeks the destruction of Israel. ... JNS org - In recent weeks, handful of American Jews have complained about being questioned by Israeli police..

is boycotting israel anti-semitic?

Ninety-three percent of Israel is nationalized and controlled by Jewish National Fund and Jewish Agency, while Jews can do so.. Jews such as Pappé, Levy, Blumenthal and army of lesser-known pro- Palestinian Jews, including myself, are willing to call out Israel for its..


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