family of palestinian suicide bomber hanadi jaradat

Family of Female Palestinian Suicide Bomber Hanadi Jaradat Hanadi's Father Handed out Sweets Celebration of Her Martyrdom, Wanted Congratulations Instead of Condolences. ... On October 8, 2019, Al-Quds Al-Youm TV aired report about Hanadi Jaradat, Palestinian woman from Jenin. ..

the deadly toll for palestinian women

General Union of Palestinian Women, we need law to protect us and to protect Palestinian family, during in front of Prime Minister's, in West Bank of Ramallah, Monday, September 2,  2019. The in the video was Israa Ghrayeb, Palestinian make-up artist from the village of Beit..

jesus was a jew, not a palestinian

If Jesus was not Jew, except Palestinian, then that serves political end, as it calls into question the legitimacy of Jewish to Holy Land while suggesting that Palestinians have ancient roots there.. ... Quite apart from the fact that Jews and Arabs living in the land over the centuries the..

the priorities of palestinian leaders

This revelation, however, did not make it onto the radar of the community or pro- Palestinian groups in the US, Canada, Britain and other Western countries. ... The whereabouts of scores of Palestinian journalists, also writers and media personalities. ..

trump’s palestinian peace plan in peril

Donald Trump knows big estate deal when he sees it, and what bigger deal is there in the world than Palestinian- Israeli peace plan. ... But it has shown just how divided Arab states are, and how weak the support for Palestinian cause is, at least among Gulf states. ..

un / palestinian people rights

Speaking at the first meeting in 2019 of Committee on the Exercise of Inalienable Rights of Palestinian People, peaceful and just solution to the question of Palestine could be achieved through realization of the vision of two States, Israel and Palestine, living side-by-side peace and security,..

the political challenges
 of palestinian liberation

By its in propping up twenty, In his important new book The Battle for Justice Palestine, Palestinian and Electronic Intifada Ali Abunimah why the need to dismantle Zionism and Israeli of Palestine remains incomplete twentieth-century project of liberation made even more urgent-first capitalism and..

the future of the palestinian movement

Palestinian self-governance that exists in OPT is creation of Oslo process of the early 1990s between PLO and Israeli State. ... This is why United States allowed for and monitored Palestinian elections, to bring such leadership to power — leadership that would be more willing to play..

israel's war on palestinian schoolchildren

Israel’s War on Palestinian Schoolchildren . by Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) . ... Palestinian schools are being demolished to make way for the above developments, young children and teachers terrorized to force them out. . ..

cnn caves to anti-palestinian smear campaign

These were the shocking words of former Senator Rick Santorum in 2012, denying the existence of Palestinians, and endorsing Israel's of Palestinian territories. ... The extent of Israel's of Palestinian territories, violation of law and to the condemnation of the world, made..

palestinian political prisoners resist

Khalida Jarrah is human rights champion, Palestinian Legislative Council member, civil society leader, former Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association executive director.. ... Addameer called her human rights defender who has committed to utilize all the legal tools available to..

political graffiti exposing anti-palestinian racism

Political Graffiti Exposing Anti-Palestinian Racism... Political Graffiti Exposing Anti-Palestinian Racism. ... Leo Baeck is bastion of indoctrination and activism that meets most of the criteria of anti-Palestinian racism, as defined by UK's Jewish Voice for Labour.. ..

the palestinian-israeli conflict is over

In 1948, Arabs rejected partition plan to create two separate, British Palestine, one Israeli and one Palestinian, and, instead, invaded State of Israel and attempted to drive its inhabitants, many newly-arrived from concentration camps Europe, into Mediterranean Sea.   ... Arabs and Palestinians..

germany aligns with our palestinian enemy -

Germany aligns with our Palestinian enemy . . In March 2008, German Chancellor Angela Merkel addressed the Knesset and unequivocally stated that Israel’s right to exist and its security are part of Germany’s supreme national interest. . ... Political organizations and private foundations promote..

israel’s war on palestinian schoolchildren

Israel’s War on Palestinian Schoolchildren . . Israel’s War on Palestinian Schoolchildren . by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman) . ... Palestinian schools are being demolished to make way for the above developments, young children and teachers..

palestine/israel: indiscriminate palestinian rocket attacks

The UN reported that between June and July, Israeli airstrikes and tank shelling Gaza killed 12 alleged members of Palestinian armed groups and one child, injured 30 people, mostly civilians, and damaged 11 schools, well serving 15,000 people, and center and warehouse operated by UN Relief and Works..

israel: new laws marginalize palestinian arab citizens

One would authorize rural, Jewish-majority communities to reject Palestinian Arab citizens of Israel and other unsuitable applicants for residency, and the other would chill expression regarding in the history of Palestinian citizens, ... ... Palestinian Arabs are in the in Negev..

palestinian panel to sidestep vote

JERUSALEM -- To keep Palestinian Authority government working Palestinians turning to unelected group of political insiders instead of holding new elections, according to Palestinian officials and outside analysts. ... Palestinian Authority, dominated by Abbas Fatah movement,..

israel thwarts palestinian rally

But hard-line members of Israeli parliament said the turnout illustrated Arafat's diminished hold on Palestinian leadership.. ... Arafat then called on Palestinian Muslims to attend prayers at Friday in defiance of Israeli restrictions on most Palestinians.. ..

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