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The self-described Palestinian-American may be okay once she comes out of her shell, but Democrats had her back. . ... If someone said of the Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, “we’re going to topple the motherfucker,” that person might get more than a verbal response. ..

2018 brought these historic election victories

Tlaib will be the first Palestinian American woman in Congress. Her progressive platform included calls to abolish the office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), protecting unions, and proposing a “New Civil Rights Act” that would, according to her campaign website, “drastically..

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That movement supports a genuinely important cause—criminal justice reform—but has in places also espoused virulently anti-police rhetoric, accused Israel of being an “apartheid state” that perpetrates “genocide taking place against the Palestinian people,” and possibly contributed to..

the racist, anti-semitic black left

In October 2015, Hill lauded Rasmea Odeh — the mastermind of a deadly 1969 terrorist bombing in Jerusalem — as a “Palestinian freedom fighter.” ... In a May 2006 appearance at UC Irvine, Malik-Ali accused the “apartheid State of Israel” of carrying out a “holocaust” and a..

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it's clear that United Nations Relief and Works Agency's continuous support of Palestinian terrorism is major cause of in Middle East and should be defunded. ... In Bethlehem, along with the rest of Palestinian-controlled territories, Christian population is dwindling rapidly as. ..

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The number of Palestinians in the world is 13.05 million, of whom 4.91 million are in State of Palestine, 1.57 Israel, 5.85 Arab countries and around 717,000 foreign countries, Ola Awad, President of Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics said on Monday in brief on the status of..

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are they caught between tradition and modernity, and they live between the cultural expectations of both Israeli and Palestinian societies.  ... Naila And The Uprising uses the personal reminiscences of Naila Ayesh to show how Palestinian women played central roles in that first..

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