“humanist” student mashal khan beaten to death in

spokesperson for Atheist and Agnostic Alliance Pakistan said via We are already extremely worried about arrested atheists, Ayaz Nizami and Rana Nouman, and the murder of Mashal Khan makes us more concerned than ever. By as mobs of students who are supposed to be interested in, In country like..


ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- bomber struck bus carrying air force in Pakistan yesterday, killing at least eight people, in the second such attack on military target in three days.. By in the past week, The bombing at air base south of the capital, Islamabad, coincided with new fighting between..

why, and what, you should know about central asia

Will Taliban return to Afghanistan and open the way for Central Asian Islamist groups that are linked to al-Qaeda have increased their forces while based Pakistan. ... Established in 1996 as Shanghai Five, SCO now includes four Central Asian states, Russia, and China, while southern neighbors such..

the return of 'the runaway general'

There were also many local militias led by warlords created by Soviet Special Forces and KGB, drug lords, and Pakistan-based opposition called Mujahideen. By playing divide and rule among the, This group, was riven by factionalism and interference by CIA and Pakistan's Interservices..

section 1: a demographic portrait of muslim americans

Asia has the concentration of Muslim population, with Indonesia contributing the largest numbers, and Pakistan and India second and third respectively ( For detailed look at the distribution of Muslim, see this analysis from Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. ... Muslim immigrant households..

obama: significant progress in afghanistan war

Rather, we are focused on disrupting, dismantling and defeating Qaeda Afghanistan and Pakistan, and preventing its capacity to threaten America and our allies in the future.. ... And, next year, I look forward to exchange of visits, including my visit to Pakistan, development, and..

the “war on terror” 15 years on

It extended far beyond the borders of Afghanistan, where U.S first invaded, to subject the populations of Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan and beyond to sickening violence.. ... Instead, Nobel Peace Prize-winning president has overseen influx into Afghanistan and authorized further military operations..

they’re only sleeping

Many Muslims Pakistan, Afghanistan, and, later, Fergana Valley were radicalized in madrasahs run by Deobandis, members of Sunni Islam sect that was established British India in the century. ... theory among Uzbeks is that the bombing was carried out by Karimov's rivals within the regime, and..

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