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Oregon Shines On Medicaid, As Texas Stalls On Sign-Ups. By Carrie Feibel, KUHF and Kristian Foden-Vencil, Oregon Public Broadcasting November 14, 2013 KHN Original. In Oregon, the health marketplace is not working for people looking to buy individual policies. ..

the heartbeat of the pro-life movement - pro-life

Oregon's physician-assisted law already lacks effective protections to protect someone from being euthanized, said Lois Anderson, director of Oregon Right to Life.. ... New Jersey joins California, Colorado, Oregon, Vermont, Washington, Hawaii, Montana, and District of Columbia..

republican lawmaker loses in lawsuit over 2018 tax law

PORTLAND, Ore — The Oregon Tax Court has sided with Democratic lawmakers on lawsuit filed last year by Republican state senator hoping to overturn controversial tax law.. ... President Donald Trump's 2017 federal tax law included the deduction, and Oregon was on track to replicate it..

public pays respect to late secretary of state

SALEM, Ore — Hundreds are expected to pay their respects to Oregon's Secretary of State Dennis Richardson at state funeral... ... As secretary of state, Republican Richardson was Oregon's top elections official and held the in the state after the governor. ..

oregon may lower the voting age to 16

Legislators have proposed amendment to Oregon Constitution that would lower the voting age from 18 to 16. It's time to lower the voting age Oregon and young people chance to participate at the ballot about decisions that affect their homes, their clean air and clean future, as we've seen,..


Aaron and Melissa appealed BOLI ruling to the Oregon Court of Appeals April 2016. The Oregon Court of Appeals reversed the order and otherwise upheld the decision of BOLI.. ..

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More than 1,000 Oregon daycares have failed to prove water is free of lead. third of licensed daycares Oregon failed to prove that their drinking water did not contain high levels of lead, Oregonian OregonLive found. ..

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Supporters of Oregon's measure 105 lost their bid Tuesday to Oregon ORS 181A.820, and money, equipment and personnel for detecting or apprehending persons. Oregon's sanctuary roots dates back to 1987 when the citizens of Oregon decided that. ..

the risks of unsecured guns in oregon

From 2012 through 2016, 176 guns were reported stolen from licensed gun dealers in Additionally, analysis of FBI data on reported gun thefts by individuals, reveals that estimated 17, stolen from gun owners Oregon from 2012 through 2015.12. ... While playing with the weapon, he turned off the..


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