slate: ilhan omar is not anti-semitic, but donald trump is

Ilhan Omar is not anti-Semitic, except Donald Trump is, and keeping that in mind is key for media organizations that seek to properly cover and understand anti-Semitism, according to Salon story Thursday.. Omar, Democrat from Minnesota, twice has had to apologize for blatantly anti-Semitic..

debate over labeling omar obscures vital debate on

it was not their intention, Ilhan Omar's critics did her They proved the very made at Progressive Issues Town Hall at Busboys and Poets Washington, DC, last week.. ... By the frenzy that followed them, Omar's points about the state of US politics as provenRegardless of what she said,..

truth or trope? - taki's magazine

By cultivating their mutual hatred of core, Ilhan Omar, leader of Congressional hijab caucus, and Speaker of House Nancy Pelosi over Omar's tweets about the influence of Jewish campaign contributions on American policy was illustration of my theory that Democrats are coalition of the..

the dual-loyalty canard

Questioning the loyalty of American Jews is indeed old of anti-Semites, and the chutzpah of Tlaib and Omar, with their amplification through media, is deep cause for concern. ... But Tlaib's and Omar's intention was to injure Israel's standing Congress, and in the country, and to..

ilhan omar is emboldening anti-semites

Ilhan Omar, Muslim from the state of Minnesota, has been unusually disruptive force American politics, both in Democratic Party and on Capitol Hill.. ... The resolution, shepherded through Congress by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, stopped well short of demanding apology from Omar, Somali..

on bigots and bigotry

What I fear is going on in House now is effort to target Congresswoman Omar Vermont independent said in statement.. ... Monday, President Trump tweeted that Omar's comments are a day for Israel. which is rich coming from the man. ..


Jim Zogby says what is happening to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be of concern to all Americans, and regardless the debate she has ignited will continue.. The House of Representatives may pass their resolution, and that wo not close the door on Omar's courage has helped to open., .. ..

the curious case of ilhan omar revisited

By the time Star Tribune got around to asking Omar about it, she treated the question as public relations crisis. ... Omar and Elmi may not be brother and sister, except Omar has never acted in any manner other than one consistent with the implication that she has something to..

the new york times: back to the party press era

Omar of anti-Semitism and bigotry, hoping to make them Democrats of Representative Steve King as they try to tar Democratic Party with their criticism of Jewish state (. ... The podcast concludes with Weisman suggesting that criticism of Israel is considered tantamount to criticism of Jews,..

who will stand up for ilhan omar?

Over the weekend, Democratic Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar exposed long-held open secret pro- Israel lobby group, is in lawmakers key policy decisions that support Israel's interests.. ... By pushing politicians to protect their interests and silencing those who refuse to cower, by..

the islamic state lobby

In 2015, Omar lobbied on behalf of. Daud faced sentence of 30 years and Omar told the judge, prison sentence for one. ... Ilhan Omar sides with Bolivia and Cuba's Communist, the only countries in the region to support Maduro... ..

britain detains muslim radicals

Abu Qatada, also known as Sheik Omar Abu Omar, was held Britain's Belmarsh prison without charge for about 2 years until March, when Law Lords, Britain's highest court, ruled that such detentions were illegal.. ... In development, another London, Sheik Omar Bakri, also known as..

civil society declaration on sudanese president omar

South Africa's of Rome Statute of ICC makes the government's failure to arrest President Omar al-Bashir contravention of law as well.. ... During Justice Hans Fabricius made interim order compelling Respondents to prevent President Omar al-Bashir from leaving the country until order is..

omar encarnacion

Since Windsor, United States has experienced virtual tsunami of rulings from lower federal and state courts, arguing that gay marriage bans are violation of Amendment's clause and are therefore unconstitutional. ..


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