Also, United States would no longer waive sanctions that allowed Iran to ship water produced at its Arak beyond 300-ton limit set in the nuclear to Oman for storage. ... Larijani's remarks meant that Iran would not go for the option which entails stopping water or production to avoid exceeding..

pompeo, hypocrisy and war

Egypt, Oman, Kuwait, and Jordan have all been in thwarting Iran's efforts to evade sanctions.   ... Why not in Oman, Jordan and Kuwait.. The only one of Pompeo's countries not ruled by supreme monarch is Egypt, almost year Muslim Brotherhood's Mohammed Morsi, from in coup.. ..


former Israeli prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres made trips to Oman in the 1990s, this trip was much more visible and the first official visit since Second Intifada... former Israeli prime ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres made trips to Oman in the 1990s, this trip was..

israel’s transport minister in oman, proposes

rail link from Mediterranean to Gulf states via Israel, Palestinian territories, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, would be good for them all, said Israel's Transport Minister Israel Katz at international transport conference taking place in the Sultanate of Oman.  ... Israel's transport Oman,..

presstv-britain to open military base in oman

PressTV- Britain to open military base Oman. UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has announced that joint military training base will be opened Oman March 2019, in bid to shore up Britain's trading relationships in the run up to its withdrawal from European Union next year.. Williamson..

the gulf crisis reassessed

With the encouragement of GCC members, Kuwait and Oman, there took place GCC Summit November 2014 that agreed to Riyadh Supplemental Agreement that reaffirmed GCC norms of non-interference and avoidance of behavior that poses threat to the stability of other members. Following Trump's, the..

woman held in iran heads to u.s. an...

Please, please extend your prayers to the other two Americans still held -- her fiancé Shane Bauer and their friend Josh Fattal -- she said at Oman's airport before boarding Oman Air flight on the leg of her trip home accompanied by Nora and uncle. ..


Iran ...

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