what teacher walkouts changed in our politics

Democratic Drew Edmondson's loss to Republican Kevin Stitt prompted Oklahoma press to dub November election a disappointment for teachers, the story is more complicated, argues Thompson.. ... Republican Oklahoma City, including surprising win for Democrat Kendra Horn over Republican and..


A legalization initiative in conservative Nebraska went down to defeat this year, and remaining initiative states like the Dakotas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Arkansas are among the most socially conservative and least likely to free the weed. ..


More and this year the following states came on board California, Florida, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming.. ..

center for american progress

Three states—California, Oklahoma, and North Dakota—go even further by banning virtually all enforcement of noncompete agreements. ... Other states—such as California, North Dakota, and Oklahoma—ban the enforcement, but not the signature, of a noncompete agreement. ..

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