1,000-year-old iron weapon found in norway

1,000-Year-Old Iron Weapon Found Norway... HARDANGER, NORWAY — reports that hiker Ernst Hagen discovered iron arrowhead measuring about five inches long on mountain some 4,600 feet above sea level in western Norway. ... For more on artifacts that have emergred from the ice of..

arctic provisions in the 2020 ndaa

The competition for territory represents security threat to United States not only Norway and Denmark if they become the target of Russian aggression. ... AMEC was cooperative venture among the militaries of United States, Canada, Norway and Russia that was concerned with disposal of..

disability rights supported at the united nations

Co-sponsors included World Health Organization, the Permanent Missions of Norway International Association of Applied Psychology, United African Congress, and Psychology Coalition of NGO's Accredited at United Nations .. ... Kade was supported by his friend, Daniel Gimenez, Counsellor Global..

are smrs vaporware – john quiggin

Nuclear-concerned Norway wants to iodine tablets to citizens.. For the tablet to have any effect, it must be taken within hours of any exposure to radioactive iodine.. 43 crates containing total of three iodine tablets are already being stored at Oslo as one of Norway's nuclear..

women's world cup fans

Soccer Football - Women's World Cup - Group A - Norway Nigeria - Stade Auguste-Delaune, Reims, France - June 8, 2019 Norway fan inside the stadium before the match... ..

the role of welfare state in norway

China and South Korea are the ninth and tenth export partners of Norway and Norway respectively account for 2.8 and 1.9 percent of each of these countries exports .   Condition of import Norway In 2015, Norway's imports from different countries were $ 76.3 billion. ..

scandinavian political economy

Evaluating of the relation between the welfare state and economic and behavior of the two countries, Sweden and Norway was the main aim of this research. ... Basically, the study of international economy of both Sweden and Norway without regard to the concept of democracy and the..

shock at arrest of deputy's son in black church fires

The music has been linked, in some instances, to fires at Christian churches Norway in the 1990s.. Josh Cook, 27, musician from Hammond, Louisiana, heard about the church burnings before Matthews arrest and had wondered if they could have been inspired by the church fires Norway. ..

february 6, 2019

By Christine Weaver February 6, 2019 Olso, Norway... Nah, not really © 2019 Steve Sarsfield. Bay Area racer and sailing Steve Sarsfield, sent us photos from his three-week winter trip to Oslo, Norway.. ..

nobel peace winners demand action against sex abuse

By action against the OSLO, Norway — One of the winners of this year's Nobel Peace Prize says the attention the prize has drawn to violence against war zones must be followed.. ... Denis Mukwege, left, is welcomed by director of Norwegian Nobel Institute Olav Njolstad on his arrival at Oslo..

germany invades norway, again

Germany Invades Norway, Again . . Germany Invades Norway, Again . What the nato exercises in Norway tell us about the future of Europe . ... And these bombers would have to travel close to Norway. nato fighter jets stationed in Norway would be in the perfect..

two films; few answers

Greengrass is also clearly awe of Norway's legal and political institutions, seeing in them method of defeating the new fascists.. Many victims across the world beyond Norway know too well that neo-Nazism is not going to be halted by liberal, legalistic politics. ..

us-led nato rehearses war on russia

Held Norway, it's the largest exercise of its kind since 2002, more likely about 50,000 troops, along with land, sea, and air heavy weapons, short of nuclear ones.. Norway and Russia share in the north of both countries near Barents Sea, close to Arctic Ocean and Arctic Circle. ..


The escalation of NATO's military and in Arctic region, namely, in the vicinity of Russia on the territory of Northern Norway, has not gone unnoticed, TASS on Tuesday... ... Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated on Tuesday that NATO has planned to conduct its biggest military exercise since..

norway caught in a new un conflict

Just two weeks Erik Solheim, was criticized by UN auditors over his extensive and expensive travel, comes news that Norway is protesting how Solheim's wife was passed over for another top UN job last spring.. ... Norway's in charge of foreign aid, Nicolai Astrup, has confirmed that..

norway set to ‘talk back’ to us at un

Søreide and Solberg wo be promoting Norway's for seat on UN Security Council during their time at the UN New York. While Trump is expected to once again promote American sovereignty during his address on Tuesday, Solberg and delegation from Norway will talk about defending cooperation,..

nato (north atlantic treaty organization)

Brazilians go back to the in presidential run-off, and NATO conducts massive military exercises in Norway.. The military exercises in and around Norway are significant test of NATO's collective defenses at time of rising geopolitical tensions. by October 23, 2018... ..

an imperial eu wants to squash britain

And these bombers would have to travel close to Norway fighter jets stationed Norway would be in the perfect position to intercept them. nato planners believed that it would also launch invasion of Norway in attempt to seize nato air bases. ..

norway opposes boycott of israel, will ‘rigorously

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan praised Norway's announcement, describing it as a further, critical step in damaging the pro-boycott organizations and added that his ministry will continue to act to expose European funding of Palestinian organizations that delegitimize State of..

imperialism, the world war and social democracy

By means of strikes on the part of the whole working population, In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria and Russia, the proletariat, by means of general strikes, protest strikes and demonstrations, by means of political and economic strikes, n that..

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