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Yet, in the heat of the fight, Christian pro-lifers must not forget that the power of our message rests in the truth that all men, even Ralph Northam's and Andrew Cuomo's of this world, are made in Dei, the image of God. ..

your opinion: ‘it is life, it is being’

Virginia's, Ralph Northam, suggestion that baby born alive could be 'kept comfortable and then resuscitated if that's what the mother and the family desired — the implication being that the baby could be left to die if the family decided they did not want to keep their child, reported..

race, hypocrisy and bare-knuckle politics

group calling Virginia Black Politicos rallied near Governor's Mansion yesterday and called for the resignation of Governor Ralph Northam. ... Bacon's bottom line  It's not clear from the letter how Northam and Herring are supposed to accomplish these goals if they resign. ..

The behavior of Northam and Herring has exposed the vein of hypocrisy on race that runs through Democrat Party. We believe both Northam and Herring should resign, they were elected through fraud on the good people of Virginia. ..

demand virginia gov. northam resign

The yearbook claims the photo is of Northam, though it does not indicate. ... we're to believe that someone published picture of Northam as either Klansman or in blackface WITH Klansman, and none of his friends told Northam about it when the yearbook came out, over the 30..


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