squaring the circles in syria’s north east

., Al-Masdar News, 17 February 2019.Hide Footnote  Both publicly privately, officials allude to the importance of keeping Iran-affiliated forces from expanding north of Euphrates, and of using the regime's lack of access to the east's natural resources to pressure it to make political concessions.. ..

north korea: the pot still boiling

That Chinese Xi Jinping should go to North Korea in the middle of this tense situation is extraordinary and suggests level of concern that Pyongyang is close to getting out of hand. ... The reference to prosperity looks to be barely disguised reference to Washington's oft stated promises of future..

dubious report about north korean executions

Earlier reports about executed North Korea officials were proved false when named individuals showed up alive and well — why it's best to take these and other reports about DPRK with grain of salt unless information corroborates them.. ... They're to blame for failed talks, not Kim Jong-un, Kim..

egypt: serious abuses, war crimes in north sinai

Map of North Sinai showing Sinai detention centers Al-Azoly military prison, Battalion 101 in Arish, and al-Zohor camp Sheikh Zuwayed. Sinai Province, ISIS affiliate, has taken in small northeastern corner of North Sinai on the Gaza- Israeli border and maintains presence there, even..

birchfield v. north dakota

Motion of Solicitor General for leave to participate in oral argument as amicus curiae, for enlargement of time for oral argument, and for divided argument GRANTED and the time is divided 15 minutes for North Dakota, 10 minutes for Minnesota, and 10 minutes for Solicitor General. ..

north africa and the holocaust

one of the problems we faced was how to describe the fate of Jews of North Africa, during World War II, German occupation. I read Aomar Boum's and Sarah Abrevaya Stein's book, The  Holocaust and North Africa., with great interest and gratitude, for it explores the fate of Jews..

north carolina sued again over transgender rights

. — North Carolina is being sued again over its treatment of transgender people, as state employees argue that their health plan violated federal law by dropping coverage of medically necessary procedures. . ... The North Carolina lawsuit comes amid a separate three-year legal fight over..

north korea: how the discussion was changed

since the end of Korean War in 1953, the US, had not once used military in response to North Korean attack on the US, its interests or allies, so how could that behavior by the US be characterized by North Korea as a hostile policy... ... What North seems not to have counted on..

north carolina schedules new election for 9th district

North Carolina's Congressional District could elect its new in early September, State Board of Elections announced Monday, in what should be the end of the last undecided contest from the midterm elections... ... Dowless turned in 592 of the ballot requests Bladen County, North Carolina..

presstv-north korea remains nuclear threat: pompeo

PressTV- North Korea remains nuclear threat Pompeo. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that North Korea remains nuclear threat, contradicting President Donald Trump's past comments about Pyongyang's nuclear weapons program  . Trump has maintained that North Korea is on..

improving the lives of north carolinians

By engaging in practical scholarship that helps public officials and citizens understand and improve state and government, School of Government fulfills its mission to improve the lives of North Carolinians.. ... From effort to restore community's polluted water supply to replacing town's..

'march of the migrant' heads north

'March of the Migrant' heads north | Reuters.com . X . . Edition: . United Kingdom . . . . . . . . . ... 'March of the Migrant' heads north . . . . . Central American migrants walk along the highway near the border with Guatemala, as they continue their journey trying to reach the U.S., in..

north korea and public opinion

83% of respondents oppose accepting that North Korea will possess and build more nuclear weapons, and 66% oppose accepting that North Korea will possess the weapons it has as long as it agreed not to build more. Opposition to accepting North Korea and it's the majority position..

north korean financial hacking group revealed

Using combination of fraudulent emails, software and cyber attacks, North Korean group dubbed APT38 is distinct from Pyongyang's other espionage and political operations, by the security firm FireEye... ... The report said increased activity by North Korean hackers reflects desperate..

north korea: nukes vs. war

That helps to explain U.S reactions to Pyongyang summit between North Korean Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in. ... But if denuclearization gets in the way of peace if squabbling over the particulars of North Korea's nuclear program disrupts North and South..

russia/north caucasus

Council of Europe's Committee for Prevention of Torture March released statement condemning alleged widespread use of torture and ill-treatment of persons detained Chechnya and urged Russia to conduct effective investigations Chechnya and elsewhere North Caucasus region. ..

monuments to the caliphate in north-east syria

Monuments to the Caliphate in north-east Syria . . . 29/9 . In Raqqa, they were exhuming  a mass grave as we drove into the city.  ... In north east Syria, there is a contrast between the tranquility that seems evident, the solidity of it which one feels, and the extreme fragility which..

nato (north atlantic treaty organization)

Take this quiz to test your knowledge of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the alliance underpinning U.S global leadership.. ... Daalder, president of Chicago Council on Global Affairs, discusses North Atlantic Treaty Organization with James M. ..

fire and fury in iran and north korea

In, the summit achieved little in bringing North Korea to denuclearization no concrete steps were put in place to demonstrate North Korea's to the denuclearization of Korean peninsula... ... In discussions with North Korea, the role of South Korea was constructive one — Seoul..

the north korean nuclear quandary

U.S is now pushing to extend sanctions to block North Korean petroleum imports and thereby strangle North Korean military, ships, submarines, and trucks that deliver supplies and move artillery and other heavy weapons. ... Yet the media probably North Koreans appear to discount..

behind the us war drive against north korea

The test firing by North Korea of missile on Monday, the in series of missile trials, ings by Washington and its allies, amid continuing US military build-up near Korean Peninsula. ... Between 1950 and 1953, the US waged war on Korean Peninsula against China, order to ensure its dominant position..

north macedonia

North Macedonia . . . . New Balkan Turbulence Challenges Europe . . Commentary / Europe & Central Asia . ... CrisisWatch North Macedonia March 2019 . . . Unchanged Situation . Improved Situation . . ..

people of the north: introduction

Most people who move up North for work try to learn the in the street, on community radio, even at work.. ... we see and understand the North in the same way and we see it as part of our job to help non- Arctic people better understand what our North is made of.  ..

daesh executes 35 members in north iraq

source, requesting anonymity, said Daesh terrorists killed 35 fellow terrorists by firing squad at Ghazlani military camp south of Mosul, located some 400 kilometers north of the capital, Baghdad, on Sunday, al-Sumaria television network reported.. ... On January 26, Jabbar al-Mamouri, commander..

churches push for peace with north korea

The division of Korea into North and South, Reverend said, was the product of a agenda of capitalist control and profit-maximizing sinful greed.. One refrain at the event was the legitimatization of Korean Christian Federation, organization that purports to speak for North Korean..

-north korea talks reach understanding...

.- North Korea talks reach understanding The nuclear negotiators for United States and North Korea reached Saturday during talks aimed at smoothing upcoming six-nation negotiations, American envoy said. Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill said enough progress had been made that..

north korea to disable reactor

U.S and South Korean officials were confident North had halted operations at Yongbyon reactor. ... North wants normal relations with U.S and Japan. North Korea from Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty and restarted its in early 2003 after Washington accused it of running..

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