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More than 150,000 Allied soldiers stormed the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944, bursting through German coastal defenses to open the way to the liberation of western Europe from Nazi regime... ..

d-day: 75 years later, france remains grateful

Sainte-Mère-Eglise, France  — On June 6, 1944, and during the summer, fighters from around the world stormed the coast of Normandy to Europe from Nazi yoke.. ... Founded in 2000 from joint of American Frank Towers and French Claude Lavieille, the association strives to honor the memory of..

throwback: june 6 – throwback thursdays

Lockwood, 80, of Southbury, facing camera, World War II Army who in D-Day at Normandy, and received heart for wounds suffered while fighting France, chatted with friend during the anniversary open house at VFW Post 1607 Southbury.. ... Photo by Laraine Weschler Republican-American June 6, 2014..

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On June 6, 1944, Allied forces launched invasion of French at Normandy, opening new front that helped defeat Nazi Germany and end Europe within year.. ... Trump joins Queen, Theresa May, Merkel and Macron to honour D-Day veterans, 75 years after Allies stormed the beaches of Normandy..

d-day: beyond the myth of the good war

In Berlin, that reinforced the idea that even diversionary attack by Allies on Normandy meant that Nazi war machine would still have to get stuck in there — either to prevent what would at least be coup for Allies or to defeat such landing and thus inflict big military and in Allies. ... ..


For example, Air Force entered World War II believing Germany could be defeated via bombardment alone, and throughout the war opposed the diversion of bomber forces to such tasks as supporting Normandy invasion. ..

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