slavery report: nigeria

At the end of December 2015, Hajja and some 15 other girls headed for the city of Maiduguri, in northeastern Nigeria, with heavy belt of explosives strapped around her hips. ... Sonja Dahlmans, expert on the persecution and enslavement of Christians Nigeria, Sharibu's in the face of..

the rise of islamic movement in nigeria

NIGERIA KATSINA - Hausa land was Africa where Islam ruled, it was Islamic ruling system under the leadership of his Shehu Usman Bn Fodio, to Shehu Usman Bn Fodio accomplished his goals to live under the shadow of Islamic ruling system and thought.. ... Physically citizens from Nigeria are..

nigeria passes disability rights law

Nigeria ratified United Nations Convention on Rights of People with Disabilities in 2007 and its Optional Protocol in 2010. ... The enactment of Discrimination Against Persons with Disabilities Act is first step in the fulfillment of Nigeria's obligations under CRPD. ..

islam is at stake in northern nigeria

The Revolution led by Shaykh 'Uthman Fodio two hundred years Northern Nigeria, Islamic Revolution Iran in the century and Islamic Movement Nigeria drew inspirations from the in House of Prophet, Ahl al-Bayt, the tradition of. Islamic Movement Nigeria sees in the concept of La..

new genocide in nigeria

Christian leaders Nigeria stated July that Fulani herdsmen alone had killed 6,000 Christians  The Fulani are the tip of the spear for Muslim into Christian heartland in the south of Nigeria  They their cattle onto the farms of Christians, destroying their crops. ... The missions of..

why boko haram might be impossible to stop

African Union observers who monitored the elections was Nigeria could come to free-and-fair process. .. Nigeria has not been served too well for decades electorally, except to our pleasant surprise we found the people of Nigeria generally are the security against this, former..

nigeria: boko haram widens terror campaign

By suspected members of the group have also been carried out in, The majority of these incidents have taken place in  Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State northeastern Nigeria, and attacks Abuja and at least 10 other states Nigeria.. ... On January, Boko Haram gunned down 12 members..

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