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Photo Estudio Revolución Managua, Nicaragua.- Bearing greetings from Cuban people, especially Army General Raúl Castro Ruz, to the sister people of Nicaragua and Sandinista, President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez arrived Managua, yesterday, to attend VIII Summit if Association of..

the maze of jewish deception

-backed Contras Nicaragua.. And explain, for people who are not familiar with Iran- Contra scandal, this happening under Reagan-Bush years, the selling of weapons to Iran to take that money to support Contras Nicaragua, Boland Amendment.. That exploded into the news back in 1986 that was..

governments in venezuela and nicaragua strangle press

And while the turmoil in Venezuela may have removed Nicaragua from the limelight, the deplorable situation in the Central American country has not improved. ... The report provided an account of the human rights violations that took place during demonstrations that began in Nicaragua in..

nicaragua: no way out current crisis without church

Marco Mencaglia, head of Latin America section of Aid to the Church in Need, visited Nicaragua November... ... Quite often we have witnessed how the presence of priest can change the in Nicaragua addition to his liturgical and sacramental duties, of in the life of the entire community....

nicaragua on the edge, bolsonaro's impact, and bolivian

Nicaragua represents the in list of countries whose authoritarian governments have contested the fundamental principles of freedom of expression and the right to protest.. ... IFEX-ALC network has been among the organisations that have condemned the threats, attacks, raids and censorship of media..

nicaragua: government crackdown on media, activists

The government of President Daniel Ortega has begun sweeping crackdown against the free press and activists Nicaragua, today. ... The other group closed was Association for Promotion of Democracy, mission is to strengthen the democratization process Nicaragua and promote the sense of in..

new cathedral may aid healing in nicaragua

MANAGUA, Nicaragua -- Some Nicaraguans complain that it looks like mosque, others say egg carton, and its defenders say it will be cathedral for the century, something to help this wounded nation begin to recover spiritually and physically.. ... Eddy Montenegro, the aide said church leaders had..


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