TEHRAN - Abdel Bari Atwan, the editor-in-chief of Rai al-Youm newspaper, warned of the rise of war between Israel and Palestinians Gaza Strip this Summer, saying that the battle will lead to the fall of Netanyahu's government.. ... He noted that Palestinian revolution is returning..

bombing gaza as a campaign slogan

Benny Gantz, a former general and commander, who bragged of leading slaughters in Gaza and attempts to become Israel’s next prime minister, remarked that Netanyahu is “too soft” on Gaza and that he has “lost grip on Israeli security.” Middle East Historian Lawrence..

war on al-aqsa: what price netanyahu’s victory

war on Gaza, at least for now, is too risky option for Netanyahu as it would take place too close to April 9 elections date. Moreover, Israeli attack on Strip on November 11 caused Netanyahu embarrassment, forcing him to shelve Gaza option for now.. ..

in praise of netanyahu’s caution

Most embarrassing was the way his critics in Knesset and the media used video clips of Netanyahu saying the same things about former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's similar policies towards Gaza when he was in the opposition.. ... Netanyahu also realizes that as bad as it's, the..

israeli war minister resigns

According to Israeli media, he and three other Netanyahu security cabinet members rejected halting two days of IDF Gaza terror-bombing and cross-border ground shelling.. ... I am here to announce my resignation as minister of Israel, angered over what he called Netanyahu's weak..

netanyahu's gaza policy: de-escalation without war

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu chose to elaborate on his in the face of Gaza Strip conflict for the time on the day before Israel's municipal elections on Oct, 30.. Israel's military in the face of escalating Palestinian terrorist provocations from Gaza Strip over the past..

failure in gaza

While the separation of Gaza from West Bank may not serve Israel's interest, it benefits Netanyahu's policy of rejecting solutions that would lead to Palestinian state. ... In fact, despite Netanyahu's being the most vocal opponent of dialogue with Gazan terror organizations,..

the savage state – american free press

IDF demolished 18,000 homes, creating 108,000 new homeless, while 500,000 people were displaced — almost third of Gaza's mostly population. Home demolitions are one of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's favorite means of terrorizing Palestinians Gaza, West Bank and East..

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