netanyahu repeated his vow to annex west

By blockading and isolating Israel has virtual control over West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip.. Netanyahu's cheap pandering to his racist base exposes his real agenda of superimposing Israel on all of Palestine & carrying out ethnic cleansing agenda. ..

michael schaeffer omer-man

Benjamin Netanyahu declared on the eve of Israel’s April 9 elections that if reelected he would begin annexing the West Bank. ... Prime Minister Netanyahu has vowed again and again, the Israel will not give up military control over the West Bank..

protest for “two states”

PA, in response, has refused to accept the reduced remittance, wagering that Israel will not want to see PA collapse and have to take direct responsibility for Palestinian cities and towns in West Bank. Israeli in West Bank is untenable, and will become more untenable..


Pompeo Denies Netanyahu's Promise to Annex West Bank Will Hurt ‘Peace Plan’ . TEHRAN (FNA)- US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he doesn’t think Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election vow to annex the West Bank will have a negative..

netanyahu vows to annex west bank land if

Both figures are mortal enemies of Palestinian people, Trump surely to recognize Israeli of West Bank land perhaps inciting third intifada at the same time.. Netanyahu, his predecessors, and the US are contemptuous of the right of Palestinians to self-determination soverign..

election in israel ends in stalemate

And while Netanyahu develops extensive annexation plans in the West Bank, members of the Arab party Balad, whose members make a point of meeting the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, also sit in the Knesset.” . . .   Original article Share on  . . . . . . . ..

mideast peace talks may be revived

The peace process has been stalled for six months over Israel's of Jewish settlements in traditionally Arab Jerusalem and West Bank, and Palestinians failure to prevent Islamic suicide bombers from attacking Israel.. ... Last week, Netanyahu announced plans to build hundreds more..

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