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~Hermann Goering, Nazi Field Marshal and Hitler henchman Somehow I’m always a … Continue reading “The Switch: ‘Liberal’ Thought Police and Endless War” . . by Thomas Knapp 1 Comment on Mexico: One Failed US War Doesn’t Justify Another On November 4, ten dual US-Mexican citizens –..

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According to Daily Mail, Poles had watched for days as ranks of Health and Safety Nazis had massed along the border. ... Click for more article by Long Distance Clara.., Nazi Germany, nazis, news parody, Poland, Richard Littlejohn, risk assessment, satire, Second World War,..

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Her book explodes key myths, such and that he was opponent of Nazis. ... Central to this was the concept of Gemüt, term co-opted by Nazi thinkers to mean the capacity to form deep bonds with other people. ..

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