mises on fascism, democracy, and other questions

Anderson goes on to claim that Mises also attempted an 'exculpation of Austria,' by incriminating only Germany in the deeds of the Nazis. ... On his implicit support for the Austrian government in suppressing the Social Democrats, it should be noted that Mises held, correctly, that Mussolini's 'was..

race regimes

In Hitler's American Model The United States and Making of Nazi Race Law, James Q. ... For example, Nazis steered clear of classifying who was Jewish via a one-drop rule whereby single drop of African blood made person black in US.. ..

trump, nazis, and american jewry

Beyond the occasional mad neo-Nazi, the situation has remained constant. . ... By far the most obscene aspect of this mudslinging is the concerted Jewish attempt to portray Trump as tolerating Nazis and being an anti-Semite. ..

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